Artsy v. Mon Mono

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  1. Well, I just saw the thread about a possible price increase, so now I am sad. I would really like a Mon Monogram Speedy 30, and was planning to save for one, but now everything is going up again? So I am debating whether I should return the Artsy MM to get my Mon Mono before the price increase. I do like a lot about the has a beautiful shape, little vachetta, can be carried on the shoulder, and great interior organization. And I already have a Speedy 30 (and even though I have Artsy, I keep craving carrying Speedy). What's a (crazy) girl to do? If it helps, I work in an office five days a week ranging from suits to business dress and casual Fridays if I don't have court, and I don't want a big bag collection because I know I go back to carrying the same things, and I want to be practical. :girlsigh: What do you guys think?

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  2. I would keep the Artsy since you already have a Speedy. I love my mon mono speedy but I can't see myself wearing it in an office setting. :biggrin:
  3. I would return the Artsy & buy the Mon Mono. I carry my Mon Mono to work all the time. The personalization & colors are not such that it cannot be used/carried in an office environment. I prefer the Mon Mono over a regular Speedy and the Artsy as I'm not such a fan of the Artsy. You're already willing to pay the price of the Artsy, but will you pay for the Mon Mono post price increase? Maybe that can help with your decision.

    There is speculation on the price increase thread if LV is going to raise the price of the Artsy since it is a new bag, some say the price won't change since it's new. Maybe one of the reasons why the Artsy is so much $$$ is because of the looming price increase and LV introduced it at the high price so they won't have to later. Let us know what you decide.
  4. For another viewpoint... ;) I wear my mon mono speedy 25 to work every day - I'm a lawyer in a conservative setting - and I think it's classic and perfect. It's not like I'm prancing around the office with it on my arm all day, mostly it just comes in and out once, sometimes for lunch if I'm not eating at my desk.

    I would have said keep the Artsy and keep saving for Mon Mono since you already have a Speedy 30 - someone on a thread about the price increases made a very good point that in the overall scheme of this price level of bags, the increases aren't the end of the world - it's not going to make or break your bank account (although obviously we all like to save money when we can). Not worth making a decision based on it unless it was a decision you were going to make anyway, IMHO. Skip the Starbucks or something similar you spend on for a month and it's balanced out.

    However, I'm similar to you in that I don't want a big bag collection because I'm a creature of habit and don't tend to change bags often, and hearing you say you are still craving carrying Speedy, I say maybe you should go for the Mon Mono! The Artsy is beautiful but the Mon Monos are so unique and different, and it's not like the Artsy is going anywhere in the future if you want to rebuy... just my $.02. At least you can't go wrong either way - you either have an Artsy or get to look forward to a Mon Mono!
  5. Everything does not always go up, some things go down. From the last price increase the speedy 30 went down $10. So I would keep what you have since it sounds like you really lvoe it and get the mon mono later. If it does go up, it will not be that much really.
  6. keep the artsy
  7. keep the Artsy (it looks so nice on you) and get the Mon Monogram later.
  8. Artsy!!!
  9. Keep the artsy. The speedy is less $$ and easier to save up for. Esp. since you like the artsy and already havd a speedy.
  10. Sell your Speedy to raise some money, keep the Artsy and buy the Mon Mono Speedy now, before the prices increase. This if you really love the Artsy. If not return it and get the Mon Mono and keep your "old" Speedy.
  11. ^^^
    I agree with that plan.
  12. Get the MON mono..I think its a better bag for u,
  13. After looking at your wishlist and the variety of tastes, I'd say go for the mon mono. It's more interesting than artsy, which, IMHO, is absolutely overpriced.

    You could always sell your mono speedy 30 and save even more on the cost of the mon mono.
  14. I finally saw the Artsy IRL today. I'd keep it, I love the interior.
  15. I'd definiately keep the Artsy. It's a beautiful bag. However, I would sell your current Speedy to fund the Mon Mono................