Artsy smell?

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  1. Has anyone that bought the new noir artsy noticed that it has a different smell or is it just mine? I exchanged the speedy b for it and the speedy smelled amazing with that "leather smell". This one just smells off. Like almost chemical.
  2. Oh no! I don't have a answer for you but I hope someone chimes in..
    The Emp leather normally smells yummy!
  3. I remember hearing how awesome the empreinte leather smells. I hope there's nothing screwy with the Artsy one since that's on my list this year.
  4. I have the Noir Speedy and the leather smells delish!
  5. I have the artsy noir, too. There is something different about the smell compared to other leather bags that I have. But, it doesn't bother me and normally I get bothered by perfumes.
  6. My Noir Artsy smells pretty strong but good. Just like new leather. Its my only Emp. bag so I'm not sure what the others smell like.