Artsy sag potential?

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  1. Thanks so much to everyone who has posted their photos! :nuts: I know someone mentioned this earlier in one of the threads, but the dimensions of the "depth" of the bag are pretty substantial. For those of you who have actually loaded Artsy up and carried her, does the base sag like the Speedy? I am very much hoping this is the case, since a 9.4" base seems pretty wide. TIA! :flowers:
  2. I didn't carry a ton of stuff in mine but it did sag somewhat. Not like a speedy but still enough that it looked more slouchy. Maybe someone who carrys more inside can give you a better idea.
  3. I don't have one but it looks kind of like a hobo style? So if it sags it probably enhances the style of the bag. I love it!
  4. i put a lot of stuff when i tried it on..cause i was trying to make the GM sag more...and i think esp in time it'll begin to sag...and look even better...i was really trying to get the canvas off my underarm!!
  5. I have the MM, but I don't put much in my purse, and I found that it didn't exactly sag. However, I kind of bent the bottom a little bit with my arm when I carried it and it was quite comfortable. (In other words, the bottom definitely has more of a shape to it than the speedy, but is a lot less stiff than the trevi.)
  6. I was worried about the same thing. When I was in the boutique I took a bunch of items and a big book and put inside. I was trying to see if it sagged also how it felt on the shoulder.

    The way that it hung with items inside only enhanced the bag and it looked even better if that makes sense. Not really a sag but more if a slouch.

    I was not able to really weigh in on the handles becasue i only had it on my shoulder for a minute. The true test will be from people here on the forum once they carry the bag around for long periods of time

    Hope that helps. I HAVE to get this bag. I'm saving my pennies:nuts:
  7. I was at the LV boutique in Neimans and a lady was trying one on for size (she had the larger sized one) and asked the SA this very question. The SA told her that the more she used it, the more it would start to sag and the handle would soften along with the bag. By the way...this is a very nice bag...I may have to save my pennies also.:P
  8. I just want to make sure that I'm not standing with my arm sticking out when I carry this bag! FedEx tried to deliver today but I wasn't home. :wtf: I will be picking her up on my way to work tomorrow! :nuts: :woohoo: Hope I love her!
  9. ET, can't wait to hear your review! I am excited for you!
  10. Oh honey you will you will! You will love it. I went to the boutique AGAIN today to look at it. Its absolute love!
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