*Artsy* reveal with modeling/pics :o)

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  1. YAAAAAAAY! :yahoo:

    So I picked up my Artsy on Friday and have had a few days to "bond" with her. I'll be honest, when I first saw her Thursday, I was glad I wasn't "allowed" to buy her until Friday so I had a night to think about it (I was 3rd on the waiting list). I was concerned about all the same things you ladies are about the Artsy...

    BUT she has proven to be an amazing bag. Comfy, easy to use- sits on my shoulder nicely (once I got the hang of "smooshing"- I'll show you pics) and really sits on my arm nicely. The pockets are amazing and I love the little vachetta- and the vachetta that is there is beautiful. I also got an Emilie wallet in red.

    I took several modeling pics to help those of you out that can't see her IRL before ordering. Hope this helps. Without further ado.... here is my new baby!

    Now, this is how you usually see her.... sitting up all nice and straight:

    She is beautiful like this, but to give you more room on your shoulder (so it's not touching your armpit at all) you need to "smoosh" the sides/top down:


    Next up... modeling pics.....
  2. Can you wear her with a coat/jacket? I did today (yes, it gets cold in Florida!!)



  3. :dothewave:
  4. Congrats! Cant wait to see ur modeling pics.
  5. It looks amazing on you!! Congrats! :drinkup:

    ..it's the MM, right?
  6. so cute! you wear her well
  7. wow!! looks great on you :biggrin: congrats!
  8. wow! u look great with the Artsy!
  9. Lastly, here she is with lighter clothes... you can see the space under my arm in one. I love that this bag is so comfortable no matter how you hold/grab/wear her:



    BTW I'm 5'3 and this is the Artsy MM.

    I hope these pics helped with real life size. I just really love this bag.... and I love my new wallet too! The perfect size.

    YAAAAAAY!!! Sooooo happy :woohoo::happydance::woohoo::cloud9::happydance::love:
  10. Looks great on you! Congrats & thanks for the modeling pics!!!
  11. Looks good on you! You look so happy, I'm happy for you too. :P
  12. It is amazing! It looks great on you. Congrats!
  13. Amazing!!!
  14. Looks great! Congrats!
  15. Woohooo! Congrats!!!!!! It looks great on you :biggrin: