Artsy reveal: Red Coach Rambler

  1. So I have a reveal of a bag that I purchased on eBay for a very decent price. The item was listed in excellent condition, but when it arrived it was littered with pen marks all over the front of the bag. I did not want to send the bag back because it came to me at a decent price and because it was actually a very pretty bag.

    So, I decided to be unconventional in my rehab and use it as a canvas.

    Here is what I came up with.
  2. First a couple of Before photos. You can see the degree of hardware oxidation and the pen marks.
    red hardware before.jpg red rambler 2.jpg
  3. I want to see more!
  4. Yeah, I'm here! Let's see! :woohoo:
  5. And the start of my Rehab. First I used my dremel and Wenal polish to fix up the hardware and started my painting. Here are photos on my drawing and color wash. I was SO NERVOUS drawing on this bag. It went against every rehab bone in my Coachie body. I have seen the results of peoples paintings on leather and mostly I hate it. I did not want it to look cheesy.
    rambler painting 1.jpg red rambler 1.jpg
  6. And my painting in progress.
    rambler painting 6.jpg rambler painting 5.jpg
  7. So awesome so far!
  8. Pretty so far! :smile: Cherry blossoms?
  9. Pretty! How are you planning to seal it so the paint doesn't flake off?
  10. And my finished product after finishing and sealing.

    This is an ink and acrylic work. I did several thin watered down layers of paint as directed on and finished with a sealer also recommended by There are several and you can get a few from Tandy.
    rambler painting 2.jpg rambler painting 4.jpg rambler painting 3.jpg
  11. yes, exactly!
  12. Very nice!
  13. Beautiful! I love the cherry blossoms, especially with the red leather to contrast with the pink :smile:
  14. This is so cool! I want one!
  15. and a close can see all of the tiny dots.

    In hind site, I would probably NOT try for a backgrownd, but at the time I wanted the art to some how blend in with the purse.....
    red rambler close up.jpg