Artsy or Stresa

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  1. Sorry All - but I'm new to TPF and I can't locate the thread I had previously seen about this. I'm trying to decide between the Artsy or the Stresa. Love the shape of the Artsy but unsure about it fitting on the shoulder - love the Stresa look but unsure about the closure over the zipper. Thoughts? Pics? I have to order via phone as Im not close to an LV store so any pics are great! Thanks for helping out a new forum member.
  2. stresa! :smile: its very pretty
  3. Artsy!
  4. Stresa!
  5. stresa!! def try artsy irl. it looked so gorgeous on the counter but not on my shoulder =( I was so sure I was going to love this one too.
  6. I'm getting a sinking feeling this isn't going to be easy.....:thinking:
  7. What bags do you have already?
  8. I have my very first LV - the NOE, I have the Griet and I have a Gucci Large Sukey bag. I currently have the Galliera GM but am returning it cuz I don't care for the piping and it's not so easy to get into. I've had the Tivoli GM but recently sold it and have had the Neverfull MM but returned it because I didn't care for the thin straps. As I mentioned previously, it's hard when I can only see them online or on this posting cuz I'm about 6 hours from the nearest LV store.
  9. Oh forgot to mention - all my LVs are in the monogram. I love the monogram! But I've also got the Alma MM vernis in the amarante.
  10. i think between the two, artsy is more chic.
  11. Artsy! I love how it doesn't have that much vachetta on it.
  12. I'd choose the Artsy.
    The Stresa is pretty, but that clasp would drive me insane.
  13. Stresa!
  14. The artsy handle looks very uncomfortable. I like the stressa better!
  15. I prefer the stresa.