Artsy or Pallas?

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  1. I've really streamlined my collection, and I'm looking for one last bag to complete it.
    I absolutely love both the Artsy and Pallas, but I'm having trouble deciding! My collection right now consists of a Totally MM, Reporter PM, and Retiro NM. I use all my bags as everyday bags, and I'm a mama so I tend to carry lots of stuff.

    If anyone has both the Artsy & Pallas, I'd love to hear your thoughts. Or if you can tell me why you prefer one over the other, it would help a ton!:flowers:
  2. Artsy!!!
  3. Artsy! :biggrin:
  4. Artsy! Just because I don't care for the Pallas. The rings look weird when the strap isn't on and so I think it looks weird as a handheld.
  5. I love the Pallas but sort of regret selling my artsys....I think for what you want to use it for artsy would be a better choice for you...
  6. My vote goes to the beautiful Artsy
  7. Artsy
  8. Pallas! I hate the Artsy handle.
  9. I'm not a fan of the Artsy handle but the Pallas doesn't look very mom friendly either... So, Artsy! lol
  10. I love them both, but the Pallas holds less than the Artsy so I say Artsy. I love mine. I had the Pallas but sold it, like it but just didn't use it much. I find the Artsy ok on my shoulder with thin clothing, it doesn't feel uncomfortable for me.
  11. Artsy. The handle isn't very comfortable, the Pallas doesn't look much better either, but a hobo bag would round off your collection nicely for now.
  12. I don't use my Artsy that much because it rides up so high under my armpit. It's beautiful to look at but I don't think that's what you're looking for. I don't have any experience with Pallas but it gets my vote.
  13. I love my pallas !! I also bought a crossbody strap which is helpful if I ever need to be hands free ... I like that it can be worn 3 different ways ! I owned an artsy but it was just very uncomfortable for me to keep ... It actually hurt my shoulder .. so I sold it and never looked back ! My handle never softened ! Now with the peeling issues of the new artsy .. Pallas gets my vote !! ( hopefully LV has fixed that issue on the artsy by now but you will have to go to the clubhouse for any updates on that )
  14. Artsy!
  15. Artsy :smile: