Artsy or bellevue GM in pomme?

Which should I go for?

  • Artsy

  • Bellevue GM in pomme

  • Both ! If so, which first?

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Mar 16, 2008
Hey :biggrin:!!

Hope you guys are doing well !

I'm stuck between the two right now. Personally I haven't actually seen many people carry around the bellevue, and so I was wondering what your opinions are on this bag. Do you think its classy? Attractive? Ugly? Strange?

Do I go for the artsy and not the bellevue... go for both?

I don't know what it is about the bellevue, its different in a weird way, but I somehow find myself getting very attracted to it.

I don't know..... sigh ......

Your opinions would really help out!! :heart:

Thanks :biggrin:
Mar 16, 2008
Of the two, I actually like the Artsy better... Good luck choosing!
Hey! Thanks for replying so quickly :smile:. Yeah the Artsy was my first choice. I guess its because the vernis line is my favorite that is throwing me off.

What do you think of the bellevue? Worth it? Not so nice?


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Sep 9, 2006
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It's cute, but I think you get more function out of the Artsy, versus the fashion you'd get out of the Bellevue. I don't think you could go wrong with either, though.


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Dec 20, 2006
I love love love my Bellevue GM in Pomme! I really need to post pics of my beauty! I like both of these bags but opted for the Bellevue GM.

I found the Artsy to be more boho chic and for that reason it didn't work as nicely with my professional life...and that is the life I live 40 prime-time hours a week!

The Bellevue is uber chic, striking in Pomme, and so edgy and "artsy." I think you know where I am is lovely and I think you should get it!
I recently purchased the Bellevue in Pomme. I almost returned it to get a Galliera.. Im so happy I didn't.
The color is TDF. I have gotten so many compliments and's a real head turner in the Pomme color (and teh color is being discontinued). I have no problems with the shape or not sitting right on my shoulder. The Arsty is beautiful but to me its just another mono bag and I didn't need another one...but hell, if you can get both then go for both.

good luck with your decision..


Apr 9, 2008
I love the Artsy but it will be around for a long time I'm sure. Since the pomme is being discontinued I would get the Bellevue GM in pomme!