Artsy Open Top

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  1. Does anyone have concerns about security when they carry their Artsy? I just ordered one in Mono. It is such a nice size for travel but I am loathe to use it while traveling due to the open top. Worried about someone reaching in, and what about laying it down in the airport security X-ray? Anyone have opinions on this? Or is it to be just a sometimes around town bag where I can keep a closer eye on it. I would love to use it to be an everyday bag but should I?
  2. I always put my bag in one of those plastic tubs at the airport in the xray thingy - if that helps
  3. I don't see why not. The bag sits well up under the arm so I don't see a problem with security with it on your person. Personally, I use a zippered bag organizer for travel with my artsy.
  4. I put mine in a plastic tub and fold it over. Definitely not a security issue in terms of anything falling out.
  5. Good idea
  6. Also get a Zippered purse liner from Purse to Go, or Purse Bling, to make it even more secure, and then put it in the tub while going through the security X-ray...
  7. +1
  8. I wouldn't worry too much with security like others have said. I love my Artsy but I don't travel with any of my LV's as I'm more concerned with theft if I leave my bag in the hotel room. ( island vacations)
    I usually carry my Longchamps Le Pliage when traveling.

    Congrats on your Artsy! You will love this bag! :smile:
  9. It fits under the arm nicely and you can put things like your wallet on the very bottom. You can also use other things to cover your items with (small pillowcase, etc...) if you are concerned with it being open. I am super careful when I carry my open bags. I make so many compartments that someone would really have to have a lot of time to pickpocket me. You could also put your wallet into a cloth bag. I love all of the compartments on the artsy, and it is pretty deep.
  10. Thanks for all the good input, folks!