Artsy MM vs GraceFul MM

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  1. Hi All,
    I bought the Neo Artsy MM last week. Even though I like the older artsy more am not able to get it now as they have stopped selling it. How ever the new one is also pretty. Am now having a look at graceful mm. Does it makes sense to have both of these bags? Right now my LV collection is
    LV Artsy MM in Monogram,
    Favorite MM in Mnogram
    PM in monogram,
    South bank besace,
    Siena MM
    LV Neo noe in Monogram and red interior.
    LV Twist MM

    My wish list right now is
    Graceful MM
    Dauphine MM
    Georges BB in empriente
  2. I have both the Artsy and Graceful both are wonderful bags. Go for the Graceful you won't be disappointed at all.
  3. I had both bags as well. Go for the Graceful. I love this bag! I found the strap a bit cumbersome so I added the shoulder strap in mono with the link underside to match the interior of my Graceful. I ended up selling my Artsy, I found the strap difficult to sue, I am very tall and it dug into my shoulder the wrong way.
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  4. Love the Graceful! Should definitely have one in your collection. I have it in both DE and DA and still want to get it in mono. It’s such a great bag!
  5. Get the graceful, it is a great bag!
    I don't mind the shoulder strap, but i mostly use my long Bandouliere strap and wear crossbody!
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  6. Graceful is lighter and simplistic, Artsy is a bit bulky and heavier, more expensive too. from picture wise artsy is prettier, wearing wise graceful is more practical, on the other hand, the corners of artsy will wear better than graceful
  7. Thanks every one for suggestions. Do you feel comfortable wearing graceful MM on shoulders unlike Artsy? I still want to keep my New Artsy in Mono and buy Graceful in Damier print. Am UK 16-18 so wondering if graceful would be comfortable on shoulders?
  8. I added a shoulder strap in mono. I find it gives me more flexibility, if I want to carry it crossbody I can.