Artsy MM vs. Delightful MM

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Which would you keep/sell.

  1. Artsy MM

  2. Delightful OM MM

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. [emoji4] [emoji8]

  2. Me too. They swallow me up...
  3. :loveeyes::loveeyes::loveeyes:

    The best slouch I've seen on the has relaxed nicely under the handle..
  4. 💙 the Delightful. It will be my next purchase!
  5. Aww thank you so much my friend 😘😘😘

  6. Short people problems.
  7. I'm short too but have owned both of these [emoji6]

  8. Check out the Artsy clubhouse. Someone just posted modeling pics of their Artsy, and it looked so good on her. She is very petite. In my opinion, this bag looks great on all sizes.
  9. I'm stuck with same problem as went in twice to maybe buy the delightful but choose the Metis mono in November of 2013 and artsy empriente in December 2012 and mono in Jan 2014. All three are my fav LVs and I currently have 8 LV bags. Having said that, I ran across a new unused delightful mm from mid 2014 from a kind seller and feel a real need to sell one of the three above as four hobos is too extravagant for me right now being on a budget, but gosh, can't decide for life of me which to let go of
  10. Just thought I would shake older thread as in same dilemma
  11. I love both the Mono and Emp. Artsys! I think the Mono is great (I have it) but the Emp. is very lux. I do like the Delightful and sometimes wish I had a more casual and comfortable bag (right now for me that's just my NF). I don't think the Artsy in Mono is as comfortable as the Delightful and since you already have an Artsy in Emp., keep that, and sell the Mono Artsy. [emoji4]
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  12. believe me...I'm trying to talk myself into selling the mono artsy a would make most sense BUT I cant talk myself into it. ha. I know I will never rebuy it again if I do.....and that is my most favorite LV style ever produced outside of the old model retiro PM. I just cant do it. then I stuffed my metis thinking will get rid of her and CANT. Ugh, I may just continue to not get ahead and save and buy yet another....I have wanted the old model delightful for years.......and to locate a like new unused one the last year they produced that old model, I feel lucky. I had a mono neverfull gm myself and sold her after 3 years as don't like how darn dark the trim and handles got......she was my comfy kick around too. I bought the damier neverfull MM ONLY cause of the rose ballerine the day it was released last July and I so baby that bag cause of interior color. NO way this one can be my comfy kick around bag. I really should be buying the Neverfull GM damier ebene with red interior and use that one to kick around in BUT again, to find a Delightful MM for 950.00 that is new with tags, receipt and box AND meeting at LV to meet original SA that sold this bag to this seller is really fortunate and feel like I just need to do it. Just to try the bag, if I am not in love I can easily sell if for what I paid. that's what I'm thinking now. I am taking all my MBMJ's to a local consignment chain this weekend. that should help a little......justify this bag. UGH....DECISIONS. HA
  13. Tough decisions :sad: If you love the Artsy so much, I think you'll regret selling it. I wish you the best of luck :smile: Tell us the outcome later!
  14. I would keep the artsy
  15. Keep both artsys and pass on like new OM delightful MM?