Artsy MM vs. Delightful MM

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Which would you keep/sell.

  1. Artsy MM

  2. Delightful OM MM

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I would let the Artsy go if I was forced to choose; it's sexy to look at but the Delightful is hands down more lightweight and comfortable which is a lifesaver if you plan to wear it all day.
  2. I don´t like the artsy so my vote goes for Delightful to keep (I regret having sold my PM)
  3. I would keep the Artsy :love:
  4. Shocked to see so many votes for the Delightful but I do understand why though. It's more comfortable on the arm and to carry for long periods of time. I'm actually carrying it today!

  5. Completely agree! I've seen the delightful as people's everyday bag, and it can really take a beating. I think that the Artsy is a bag that will always remain gorgeous because the braided handle, and usually will have a better patina and overall look because less leather. The Delightful has a lot of vachetta that can look dirty if used as an everyday bag overtime, but will remain so comfortable like a good broken in pair of shoes.
    I would keep both, one for your no fuss bag (Delightful) and keep the Artsy for she you want to put a outfit together and go out.
  6. You know...a colleague of mine said the same thing. Dang it, this is really really hard!!
  7. Tough choice. I would keep the delightful because I would use it more often.
  8. Well ladies I really appreciate all of your comments, thoughts and opinions! With much trepidation I decided to sell the Artsy and it sold within hours of me placing it on eBay and for the price I wanted. Thanks to everyone!

  9. Delightful, definitely!
  10. Artsy gets my vote! :smile:
  11. Delightful gets my vote. I have had them both. The artsy hurt my shoulder and was so wide, that I bumped into things all the time 😕
  12. I have artsy in both the prints even delightful, I tend to lean towards my artsy 😊thats just me😄I wld say keep your artsy she is so beautiful 😍
  13. It's very difficult to let go of your artsy [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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  14. Delightful gives you everything that the artsy would without the achey shoulder. 😍

  15. Oh my goodness your Artsys are beautiful! I just wish it weren't so huge on me. Truly a work of art.