Artsy MM vs. Delightful MM

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Which would you keep/sell.

  1. Artsy MM

  2. Delightful OM MM

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Good evening ladies!!

    Really need your opinions/thoughts. I have the Artsy MM and the Delightful OM MM but I'm thinking it doesn't make sense to have both since they are really similar bags. Both are beautiful but I feel like they both serve the same my question is if you had to choose between the two...which would you keep/sell and why? Please help!!
  2. I have both and I wouldn't think of getting rid of either.
    The Artsy isn't a bag I would grab if I was going to be out all day.
    The Delightful is my most use bag. It's soooo comfortable.
    If you must pick one I would say the delightful.
    But I would bet money if you sell your Artsy you will regret it.
    Good luck!
  3. This is going to be hard!!
  4. Very different bags though? Unfortunately I'd let go of the Artsy as beautiful as she is - the Delightful is more comfortable and light.
  5. I have both but in different prints. DA artsy and delightful mono. Perfect combo and I can't see myself selling either. Maybe you can sell one and replace it with a different print ?
  6. I say similar because of the hobo style...sort of big and top zipper. I'm leaning toward the Artsy but keep thinking about how I longed for it for so long then once I got it, I've carried it only a few times but then again I don't carry my Delightful much either, always reaching for Neverfull.
  7. Hmmm didn't even think of that because both mines are Monogram

  8. Dang it lady tough choice here. . .good luck deciding!
  9. The Artsy is such a statement and with that handle makes me want one!! I know that the Artsy would kill me carrying it because of its weight, so I would keep the Delightful knowing it would be used and not only admired. However, the Artsy is a beautiful bag to look at... Good luck!!
  10. I love the artsy ....
  11. If you don't carry either much, perhaps you should sell both. If you're determined to keep one, I would keep the artsy since it makes your heart sing more.
  12. I love, love, love my Artsy. :smile: I'm not crazy about the Delightful, but that's just me.
  13. I keep the Artsy.
  14. I would keep the Artsy. 😊
  15. It's hard to participate in the poll since I don't know whether to select one to keep or to sell. :lol: