Artsy MM & Totally MM Dilemma

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  1. Ok ladies I need a little help here I currently own the Totally MM and has broken in great, but recently purchased the new Artsy MM.
    I am confused on what I should do I like the functionality of the Totally due to having 2 straps and being able to get into the bag if needed on my shoulder, but hate the interior of the bag feel like my stuff gets cluttered and lost.
    The Artsy is great but I have to take her off of my shoulder every time I need to get my wallet or anything out of the bag, and wearing her around the house I feel like she needs A LOT of breaking in to be 100% comfortable, for example the shoulder strap is hard and feels weird on my shoulder and makes my shoulder sore. I don't know why but I am assuming it is because it needs to be broken in. Hubby says it's like breaking in a new pair of shoes in and for my shoulder to get used to this type of strap.

    What do you ladies think ? Do you think I should keep the Totally or return the Artsy?? ahhh so confused... I can only keep one.

    Thanks everyone :sos:
  2. Of the two, just based on looks, I like the Artsy better. But if you're worried about functionality, it sounds like the Totally works better for you. It's a toss up. If you're uncomfortable with the Artsy, go ahead and return it. Good luck deciding.
  3. I love how the Artsy looks I don't know ughh!!
  4. return the artsy
  5. Personally, I would keep the Artsy! I like the way it looks a lot better than the Totally. But, I dont mind having to take my bag on and off my shoulder to get stuff out and I didnt find the shoulder strap to be uncomfortable when I tried it on at the store. If it really bothers you, maybe it would be best to keep the Totally since you're more comfortable with it.
  6. I like the Artsy much better!
  7. i know what you mean.Artsy is beautiful and hard to let it go.have you try to change the way you hold Artsy?like hold it instead of put it on the shoulder?
  8. The functionality of a bag has cost me $$$. I sold a bunch of bags last year that were so beautiful, I had to have them, but ended up not carrying because they were not functional. There was something that bugged me or did not work with me and how I carry bags. Therefore, seriously consider returning the Artsy & get the Totally. You can always get a purse organizer for it. Pluse, for that much $$$, the Artsy should be usable when you walk out the door and not have to be broken in, no matter how beautiful it is. GL deciding. You may need the Totally now, but you can get the Artsy later when you're ready for a non-shoulder bag.
  9. I am not a fan of the artsy for those reasons. You should love your bag and it being uncomfortable takes away from it IMHO. I would return the artsy.
  10. You should keep the one that is the most practical & comfortable for you.
  11. Thank you everyone for your thoughtful advice. I am thinking Artsy is going back :sad:
  12. Artsy!!!!!!!!!!!;););)

  13. ITA Keep the totally as it is functional and comfortable. The artsy is nice but I didn't it comfortable on the shoulder as well.
  14. fashion is pain. keep the artsy mm.
  15. NOOOOOO!!! Keep the artsy!! It is such a pretty bag! Can't you keep them both?? Have you tried taking your artsy out of your house? I think you will love it even more when you see how much attention it gets :biggrin: