Artsy MM or Palermo GM??? Please Help!

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  1. I am about to buy my first LV! I am really torn between the Artsy MM or the Palerman GM. I like a large shoulder bag but it has to be comfortable. Pros & Cons, please???? Julie
  2. I don't own either but I would definetly try them on first!
  3. I agree try them on. Artsy is a newer style. A palermo GM is a big bag. They both are nice but very different.
  4. I would love to try them, but I live in the Dallas area and don't usually see them in the store, even the LV store!
  5. I don't really like either bag. The Artsy has rounded handles which I don't like digging into my shoulder. And I don't like the boxy base of the Palermo. I find that it stuck out way too much from my body when I tried it on, even when empty!
  6. I would get the Palermo GM, if you are set between these two bags in these sizes.

    If not, try the Artsy GM. I use mine for school, and to be honest, the strap gets more comfortable with use, not that it was ever bad to begin with. It just takes getting used to. Trust me, mine is packed pretty heavy with my school stuff, and I haven't had any problems yet.
  7. The Palermo GM is huge! But I guess it depends on your size... I'm petite so that's why it would only be good as a travel bag... not a running errands kind of bag. I have the Artsy MM but there are more comfortable bags out there for sure.
    Check out the Delightful MM/GM or the Galliera GM. Those have a nice wide single strap that is very comfy.
  8. I love the look of the Artsy but the MM was just too big. But both of those sizes are pretty comparable. I think it would depend upon what your uses are and what look you are going for. I really love the look of the Palermo and it's structure is perfect for books and school stuff but you will to watch the vachetta so that's an issue. I just love the look of it. Not to mention you have that wonderful shoulder/not sure if cross body for heavy items which you don't really have with a shoulder bag. If you have larger shoulders, that's a non issue but if not, I'd def opt for the gorgeous Palermo! Good luck and let us know. its a shame you can't try them. Expensive item to not be able to carry it first. I know now to try them on in the store and again for a day or two at home unless of course I know I like them from the start which has only happened twice so far. Look forward to hearing your decision.:biggrin:
  9. I think depends on your size and when/ where you are looking to use the bag... for me -I am on the petite side- none of them would work...
    For me, as shoulder bag I'd prefer the Galliera PM... Have fun deciding!
  10. I love my Palermo GM. It is so versatile.
  11. I'd say the Artsy. I love this type of bag.
  12. i think the palermo would be more comfortable since you can wear it different ways. i have the artsy mm and the round handle gets comfortable after you break it in.
  13. best to try them on. they are big bags and the straps on those 2 bags are way different.
  14. Artsy
  15. Palermo. Just to haul everything but the kitchen sink. :smile: