Artsy MM Empreinte in Noir with Tapage Instant Reveal

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  1. Wonderful experience today at LV. However, I am officially on ban island now. My husband was more than happy to buy this for me but only with the understanding that I'm going straight on a purse no-buy for the next year or two. This should be easy because this really is my HG purse! I told him I was on an almost no-buy for clothing and shoes as well (which I don't buy much of anyways).

    Side note: When you're in LV and receiving good service please try and be polite to the SAs. They are people just like you. Today, there was this one lady who was so rude to the SA working there. He was helpful and answered her questions but she really had a stick up her you-know-what. I really couldn't help apologizing for her behavior to the SA.

    Anyways, here she is. She is my dream come true of a purse. She is so thick, supple and smoooshy. The embossing does vary. The one I saw yesterday wasn't as deep. I'm glad I waited and got this one. She is also made in Spain. I am so proud of my husband. He was the one who thought to check when we got home. I can't wait to break her in. I already want a new charm for her since the Tapage is surprising loud on the Artsy.

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  2. Gorgeous, I love it! :loveeyes:
  3. This is my HG! I love the Tapage on it and don't think it's loud at all!! Congrats:woohoo:
  4. Love this beautiful purse!!! Congrats!!
  5. We're bag twins! I got my black artsy today as well :smile: I had held off getting it in empreinte until I could find it in black (which I thought would never happen). Enjoy your bag!!
  6. Congrats! It's beautiful!!! 😃😃😃
    I want one too but I'm officially on a ban. I purchased emp speedy 30 yesterday. She is on her way! 😃
  7. Beautiful. Really Really Beautiful congrats!
  8. Gorgeous combination! LVoe this bag!
  9. Thank you! :smile:

    I finally switched over my things from my speedy. With the added weight in the purse, the charm isn't loud at all.

    Thank you!

    I never thought it would happen either. I've been stalking the Ombre but I had to get the black!

    I'm on a ban, too.First time I have ever placed myself on a ban. So worth it.

    Thank you!
  10. hehehe I LVoe it, too. :P
  11. Love, love, love the Tapage charm! Eventually, I'm going to buy a charm :smile:
  12. Stunning bag! Congrats!!
  13. beautiful LV - congrats!!
  14. Beautiful choice! Congrats! I'm sort of on a ban too since I got my HG yesterday hehe.
  15. Beautiful bag! Congrats!!