Artsy MM and Sully MM


Mar 22, 2009
This post goes to all Sully and Artsy owners out there.

I have a Sully MM and an Artsy MM is well on its way to me.
Do you think having he Artsy makes your collection redundant when you already own the Sully, or the other way around?

For those who own both the Artsy and the Sully, what do you use your bags for?

Thank you in advance :smile:
No , they are totally different bag . I have the sully mm and the artsy mm , and I like both of them artsy mm ( to me ) is very sophisticated and sully mm is very funky


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I think they're both incredibly gorgeous bags. I personally would not own both of them because to me they are kind of similar. If I were a big collector my opinion might be different.
I have a sully mm and the artsy. Sully is not so wide as the artsy and oh so comfy. Artsy is beautiful but a little bigger. I think they are both different enough to keep both. In the winter I like to give my artsy a rest because i find it hard to wear on the shoulder with a coat. Sully is my go to bag in the winter (when I'm not using my portobello). I love them both.
I had the Artsy and still think it's beautiful but I never carried it so I sold it. I also have the Sully and carry it everyday lately. I just found I like the way the Sully feels on and I can find things inside so easy.

As lovely as the Artsy was I never loved the way the handle felt on my shoulder.
I have both the Arsty MM and Sully MM, but in different patterns so I guess I never felt they were redundant due to this. But I would agree if both were in monogram, then you really do have two hobo-ish bags that have a very similar look. If I had to choose to give one up, it'd be the Artsy as I find it not as comfortable and as practical as my Sully.