Artsy MC or DA canvas?

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  1. Hello everyone! I need a little advice on what print is best on a artsy mm bag. Any thoughts on the monogram canvas vs. the damier azur canvas? I always thought bags or shoes in white tend to look larger or maybe it just stands out more so that's a concern I have with the DA canvas. I have all my other LV bags in monogram and want to try a new print but scared to get out of my bag comfort zone.

  2. I live mono, so mono gets my vote!
  3. *love!
  4. i vote mono because i think it looks a little larger in the da. sounds silly i know, but i own the mono and when i tried on the da it just looked a bit bulky on me. having said that, i will say i think both bags are beautiful so either way you will be getting one of the prettiest lvs out there.
  5. If you already have mono I would go for the DA. The DA Artsy is such a lovely bag for spring and summer :sunshine:
  6. I have both the mono and Azur Artsy. I love them equally and my Azur gets so many compliments, but I would recommend the mono for your first Artsy as you can carry her year round.
    I say first as you will definitely want another once you have this stunning bag. :smile:
  7. Thank you to everyone who responded. Anytime, I get a bag I always have that buyers remorse ( maybe that's not the right term) and think " oh! I should I have gotten this print or size instead of that". I think Im pretty set on getting the monogramed canvas now.
  8. I love the mono!
  9. as you have mono I vote for the artsy! I have it in DA and it's just a great bag!! love it!!😍
  10. I have it in DA and love it. Wanted something different. I vote for azur. I wear mine year round. I also wear a lot of winter white and it goes really well!
  11. I think the Artsy looks best in Mono. I have a Mono MM and she's so pretty. Certain bags just look "right" to me in certain patterns and for Artsy - it's all Mono.
  12. I have both but did started with the mono first then a couple months later bought the da. I must say that da is more of my favorite.
  13. Both! j/k. I prefer the look of mono artsy.
  14. I have the artsy in mono as well and I have no regrets!
  15. I have the Artsy in DA and I love it :smile: its stunning I recommend!