Artsy, Josephine, and Emilie are available on LV website now!

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  1. Just FYI -
    You can view/buy them now on :yahoo:

    ... I wonder if they have them in the stores already :thinking:
  2. I love the Emilie wallet. I also love the braided detail on the artsy. I am just worried that the strap is too much like the looping bag. However I did see a reveal today and it looked great on her.
  3. Yes, the Artsy is available in stores. I saw it yesterday and their is already a waitlist for it. IMHO I did not care for it due to the fact that the handle was uncomfortable and it does not have a zip top. The style is nice and a perfect everyday bag, but just not for me.
  4. I've just checked!wow, the emilie wallet is on my list!!!
  5. Thanks for the post! The Emilie is a beautiful wallet and a "steal" at 390!

    Wow, when did I start to think a 400 wallet was a steal????
  6. I am going to look!!!
  7. Looks great, now waiting for arrival in Europe...
  8. thanks... can't wait to see them IRL tomorrow
  9. The Arsty MM is already sold out online.
  10. I LOVE the Emilie too .. it was so pretty when I saw it last week :smile:. My store said they can sell them on Sunday :smile:
  11. Thanks! *off to LV site to look*
  12. Not a fan of the wallets...
  13. When Louis Vuitton mentally prepares you by offering bags that are more than most mortgage payments ? :shame:

    The wallets are really a steal, but I'm not sure how I feel about the monogram print on the inside. That is out there ! :P
  14. Haha more than most mortgage payments! :yahoo:

    I'm just checking out the wallets now to understand the hype :smile:
  15. Not a fan of the Artsy (for myself, but looked good on someone I saw in a reveal)!
    But I love the wallets!