Artsy is avail on lv site to buy- now!!!

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  1. go to ladies, go to!
  2. I'm off to check it out!!!
  3. i looked and couldnt find it....
  4. Sorry. Can't find it.
  5. FOUND IT.

    Under shoulder bags, omg omg SO CUTE! >__________<!!!


    Thanks for the heads up OP!
  6. ^^That's weird, I'm able to see it.
  7. don't use the search function. look for it under handbags, shoulderbags, mono. they are both there!!!
  8. I found it. I opened a new browser.
  9. cool thanks
  10. going to have to see it in person, try on, won't buy online, but I know I will love it!
  11. Thanks for the heads up! Just saw this beauty online. I am sure it looks better IRL!
  12. Sure is....I called my SA today...and she also said that the Artsy will be available for preview and purchase tomorrow 01/29/2010....You might want to call and check before you head down to your nearest LV.
  13. It`s such a comfortable looking bag, wish I had the funds ! :sad:
  14. I would love to get this bag but nothing is going to distract me from the Trevi but love the slouchy look to it.
  15. I am so looking forward to the modeling and evals of this bag. It looks like there isn't any closure at the top!