Artsy in damier??

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  1. I read on another board that the Artsy is also coming out in the damier
    pattern. Can anyone here verify that? Thx!
  2. I haven't seen any info but that would be amazing!
  3. This would be totally amazing! I wonder if I can fit my 14" laptop in it? I've been looking around for a damier work bag.
  4. Cool I would like to see this
  5. that would be sweet :smile: i wish i was here to verrify though :sad:
  6. I can only imagine how beautiful it would be!
  7. I don't think the handle would be near as bendy with the Damier. Quite hard I would imagine.
  8. It would be quite difficult to get it in there, but possible in the Artsy GM I believe.
  9. My first thought.
  10. I would love one in damier azur.
  11. My thought regarding a Damier Artsy is this: I just don't think the Damier Canvas is as supple as the Monogram. It would lose its slouch.
  12. ^^^I think the canvas is (comparing my gallieras) but definitely not the strap!
  13. I take your word for it IO4M since you own two identical style bags in the two canvases. You know for sure. And, yes the Damier strap is a tough one!
  14. I would be interested in seeing this as well!
  15. i hope for it in azur!!
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