Artsy handle...

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  1. i was looking to recieve the Artsy MM for my birthday and was concerned bout the handle itself, first it was how comfortable it would be but now from viewing other members photos im noticing a ripple underneath the handle??? some dont have it but i dont know if they just purchased it either and its still stiff (dont know if that is the right word), but i wanted to know if after time when the handle is more relaxed and used will this happen...i would post a picture but i would hate to put another member on blast cause i know we all love our bags!

    could it be a weight issue that will cause this; i will only have a LV cosmetic pouch and the milla mm, is that too much? how do i prevent the ripple???

    thanks ladies ;)
  2. I purchased the GM about two weeks ago. The strap has gotten way more flexible and comfortable since I bought it. I use it everyday, for school, so it gets pretty packed. I think this may be contributing to it softening up, too. Mine doesn't seem to have a ripple, but then again, I'm not really sure what you're talking about... lol
  3. It happened naturally as the handle is bent, regardless the weight.
  4. It's more of a wrinkling than a ripple... and is inevitable. Imagine a straight piece of leather.. then imagine it bent into a curve.. naturally, the underside will be wrinkled and the top will be stretched. When you first purchase the Artsy, the handle is very straight... only after using it will the handle naturally start to curve.. the more you use it, the more it will stay curved. You can still bend it back to straight, but the wrinkling will appear more defined when the underside gets dirty as you use it.
  5. yes material girl wrinkling! lol see i thought it would curve and still be smooth like the speedy do you feel bout the "wrinkling"
  6. I don't mind it because I think the Artsy is the one bag that I don't mind getting darker.. I think the patina will really add character to the braiding.

  7. Exactly. I can't wait to see some patina on mine! =]