Artsy GM owners please weigh in....

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  1. I know that lots of people are slowly but surely starting to get their Artsys in both sizes. I've chosen the GM so I'm wanting to hear from those who have this size size too

    I'm not worried about the size. I'm good with it, its roomy but not too big. After trying the GM a few times I finally had a chance to compare to the MM oday and it was no question. I put the MM down right away. Too tight under my armpit. The GM had slightly more room. Its my preference

    Anyway--here are my questions. For those of you have have carried this bag a few days

    1. How are you dealing with the fact that there is no zipper or snap closure? Is it an issue?

    2. Has the handle been uncomfortable or is it ok? I tend to carry everything in my bags so I'm wondering how it wears after walking around a while

    3. Thats all. LOL:P

    GM owners..... or those who plan to get the GM please chime in. There are so many threads for the MM, lets give the GM some love.

    Where are all the ladies that love the big bags. Woot woot!!:nuts:
  2. I would like to see some GM threads, too!
  3. Ditto! My MM is arriving tomorrow but I would be so open to exchanging it for the GM if I saw some persuasive pics. My SA told me by phone when I ordered that the GM was "too big" for everyday but I think that is please bring on those GM pics!!!
  4. Agree that its very subjective because I called about one today. I was wanting too see the MM so I could compare. The SA took it upon himself to tell me the GM was too big and that I should get on the list for the MM

    I don't think SAs should do that. I could have taken his word for it and ordered one sight unseen and then I would be ticked off. Cuz after I hung up with him I was able to walk into my local Neimans and compare the 2.

    It was GM hands down. I love it and cannot wait to get my hands on one. :nuts:
  5. I can't afford it but I love seeing all of you getting it and talking about them! I love the bag!!
  6. Ok.... I have the MM.

    Did you see my thread "Artsy reveal with modeling/pics" ??

    The biggest thing for my is "scrunching" down the top and it gives you alot more room under you arm. Because it sits so close to your body- I don't see the no zipper as a problem (I also like NF's- so I'm not bothered by this). When it is sitting down, I keep the top scrunched in to keep it closed.

    The strap is harder than other bags I've carried. I do think it will soften. It isn't uncomfortable on my shoulder, but I do shift it to arm carry it more than I do the Galliera. This bag is actually more comfortable with your things in it than empty.

    Let us know how you like her... & post pics!
  7. Congrats! I love big bags so I cant wait to see pics of your GM. If I was taller I'd get the GM too, but at 4'11" the MM is plenty big enough for me. :biggrin:
  8. Hi,
    I originally bought the MM and after bringing it home and trying it on I wasn't in LOVE with it so, I returned it for the GM and now I'm in LOVE!!! I think the GM is more comfortable and a little more sheik. Check out the Artsy Club. I just posted some pics of me modeling my GM.
    The pic quality isn't that great, but @ least you guys can get an idea.
    Good luck and if you like big bags you will LOVE this one as much as I do!
  9. Thanks for everyone opinions. i have not bought my Artsy yet but plan to SOON. :nuts:

    The one that I tried on today at Neimans when I compared the MM was sold. They were on hold waiting to be picked up but the SA let me take a quick peek
  10. Thanks hun! I went and looked at your pics. I have not been this excited about a bag in a long long time. I can't wait to buy mine and show off pics too. LOL
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    Idk, what happened!
  12. 1) The fact that there is NO zipper doesn't bother me at all and I don't find it to be an issue.

    2) I have 2 little girl's so I tend to load my bags up with a ton of stuff and
    I haven't had ANY problems with the handle and so far seems to be comfortable. I've been using my bag since far so good!

    I don't think you will be disappointed with your purchase.:biggrin:
  13. I'm waiting to see more modeling pics. and comments about Artsy.
  14. this thred was usefull to mee i want a artsy for my spring summer wordrobe so badly.
  15. Thanks!