Artsy Empreinte vs Artsy Monogram

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  1. I've been wanting to buy the Artsy and when I went to the boutique to check, I got stuck between the monogram and empreinte.

    I would like to know your thoughts and which do you think would be a better option.

    I am leaning more into the Empreinte one since I feel that it would be more comfortable to use even if it's heavier but I am not sure if the 1K++ price difference is worth it. Any thoughts from people who have both? Thanks!
  2. Hi, I purchased my mono Artsy over a year ago and my Empreinte Artsy just last week. They are both great bags, but you are correct in knowing that the mono version does require a break in period for the strap. Also, there is the issue of having to be careful with the vachetta on the handle until it has a base patina. I did not treat my Artsy handle, but I know that others here do treat theirs with LMB or other products with success. :smile:

    The Empreinte Artsy will be a comfortable bag for you right from the start. I just love the Emp. leather (I also have the Emp. Speedy). It is very durable and high quality ~ everyday luxury IMHO. No comparison between the comfort level in the strap between the Emp. version and the mono ~ the Emp. is much more pliable, as is the bag itself. It is a hard choice ~ the mono Artsy is my favorite LV canvas piece, but if I had to choose just one, I would probably go with the Emp. Artsy. HTH!
  3. I actually wanted both but right now I only have a budget for one haha! My SA told me that they maybe discontinuing Aube so I don't know if I should just go ahead with getting that and maybe next year get the mono.

    I'm so confused haha cuz I am also thinking with the 1K++ diff, I can get another bag but I just love the Aube color and out of all the styles that carry that color, the Artsy matched exactly what I look for in a bag.
  4. I really loved the look of the artsy last yeah but for my first bag with went the mono totally. I bought the emp artsy just a few weeks back and I'm glad this worked out for me this way. I use the totally as my everyday workhorse but the emp is just luxurious and I love it - definitely vote for the emp.

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  5. Good points.... I understand completely what you are saying about the price difference. Do you need another bag in your collection or would the Artsy fit most of your needs right now? Since you said for the price difference you could buy another bag, I wondered if you had your eye on anything else. Is it worth it to you to just have one leather bag as opposed to two canvas bags?

    Believe me, it took me years to work up to buying a leather LV piece.... I started with a mono Speedy 30, 10+ years ago ~ DH and I were both out of grad school for a few years before I could even think about that! GL in deciding ~ both versions are special in their own way.:flowers:
  6. Get the mono, you won't regret it.
  7. Empreinte artsy all the way. Leather over canvas.
  8. I vote Mono.. I agree with everyone, Empriente is pretty, durable and vachetta free, BUT Empriente artsy is too heavy for me. I sold my infini.. Good luck on deciding.
  9. I also debated between mono and empreinte. At the end of the day, I couldn't resist the empreinte even with the price difference. I don't regret it either. It is heavy but I got used to the extra weight right away and I PACK my bag! The leather is so rich and thick. I know I will never get tired of her!
  10. I agree 110% with everything YogaGirl says here. I bought my Emp Artsy THEN my Mono Artsy. I love both (Artsy is my favorite LV bag), but the Emp version is worth an extra 1k in my opinion.;)
  11. I would buy Empreinte, the leather is so beautiful. Good luck with your decision.
  12. Just curious, do you find your Emp. Artsy heavier? I really don't notice a difference in their weight even with the substantial leather.... maybe because the handle is so much softer?
  13. What she said!! :lol:
  14. I know I'm not OCMomof3 but...
    I only find by empreinte heavier at the end of the day versus my Mono..
    And that's only if I'm carrying constantly like if I'm shopping..
  15. I would go with the empreinte. I looked online the other day and aube wasn't an option anymore.