Artsy empreinte or monogram canvas??

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  1. Hello everyone. I have an artsy MM in monogram canvas which i purchased recently. Should i keep it or exchange it for the artsy empreinte instead? I love the one in aurore. What do you guys think?
  2. Empreinte is always better than canvas but it is a bit heavier..
    I have both and LOVE both! :biggrin:
  3. Get the empreinte the leather is gorgeous!!
  4. for the Artsy I prefer canvas...I have it in Azur and it's stunning!
  5. Empreinte leather is TDF!! Exchange it!
  6. Get whichever makes your heart go thump thump ❤️ I had the same dilemma and ended up with both (mono and INFINI). Maybe keep or exchange for the one you want to be your first artsy 😉
  7. Canvas. Empriente artsy is so heavy. Thats why i sold mine.
  8. Empreinte is sooo gorgeous but heavy.
  9. Empreinte looks beautiful. I'd go with that one.
  10. Empirente! I have it on noir and love it. Handle is much softer and easier to break in. I don't think there is any comparison Emp to canvas. I will never buy another canvas bag again
  11. Empreinte is beautiful!!!
  12. Aurore is gorgeous and Empreinte leather is amazing!
  13. emp
  14. +1
  15. love empreinte leather but canvas artsy is lovely too! another bag in empreinte?