Artsy Empreinte Noir. I did it.

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  1. #1 Mar 2, 2014
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    Thank you to everyone who responded to my last post. Those encouraging and thoughtful words were very kind. I went to LV yesterday to look at the Artsy in Black and the Sully MM. The rep quickly talked me out of the Sully MM and my husband didn't care for it either. I definitely fell instantly in love with the black Artsy. Unfortunately for me, there was another lady who was already admiring it. Of course she bought it and I was told that was the last one. LV told me they had two on reserves and they could give me a call if one freed up.

    Today, my husband wanted to go just to look around and he had a good feeling about another one being there. I said if by some magical chance there was one available I would get it. Sure enough when I got there, she was sitting on the display shelf looking so beautiful. I thought I would feel guilty about buying it, but I don't.

    Reveal coming soon if anyone is interested :smile:
  2. Yay! BIG Congrats!! Can wait to see it!
  3. Congrats, the Artsy is a beautiful bag, looking forward to the reveal.
  4. Congrats! I hate when people try to make me feel guilty for buying expensive bags. I don't have any other habits like smoking, drinking, coffee and at the end of the day I pay my own mortgage and bills and it's my money so I will do whatever I please cause I work hard and besides my kids, it's my only other form of happiness and motivation to keep working hard.
  5. That's awesome, I'd love to see your Artsy!
  6. Yay! Can't wait for your reveal. :biggrin:
  7. How exciting! Can't wait to see her. Congrats
  8. I'm looking at getting one too so yep um excited for you! Congratulations I wanna see :smile:
  9. I got one Friday night I love it!
  10. Congrats...let's see😃
  11. So happy for you! Can't wait to see!
  12. Congrats!!!!! Enjoy your new bag in good health!!!!!
  13. Congrats and enjoy ! :smile:
  14. Soo happy for you! It's a fantastic bag! Can't wait to see your reveal :smile:
  15. Thanks! :smile:

    Thank you!

    I don't have any other habits like smoking or drinking either. I buy Starbucks maybe once a week now and my bills are always paid on time. I felt guilty because I feel like I should be putting the money into savings instead. But, life is short and besides my little family, this is my other form of happiness, too. I always feel silly loving handbags this much. But, :love: you can't help what you love sometimes.

    Reveal is up :smile:

    Thanks! It's up!

    Thanks. I posted the reveal :smile: