Artsy emp , alma vernis, trevi ?

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  1. Hi everyone my bday is not close but I am just arranging my wishlist and letting my hubby know my next purhase.

    I love that artsy emp can be dress up or for work. The lv print is more subtle and very pretty at the same time. However this is more expensive so if I were to get this one I might need to wait until end of 2014.

    I love alma vernis pm in pomme. However this bag is not packable so I probably can't bring it to travel with me. Also it is strictly handheld. But it is super cute for day and night.

    For trevi pm, I love how the bag is super carefree, suble and pretty at the same time. It looks gorgeous with the tapage charm. It will fit in any occasion.

    So guys please let me know the pros and cons of these three bags, and which one would you vote for.

    Thank you very much !!
  2. Either the empr Artsy or the trevi pm. Have both and love both.

    The trevi is more structured and can dress up easier than the artsy. I love how versatile it is with the shoulder strap and hand carry. I don't find it heavy or bulky. It is a little harder to get into than the artsy. However, my stuff seems to stay put better in it.

    The empr Artsy is so beautiful. I think it is a little more casual than the trevi. It is easier to get into, but it's so big that my stuff goes everywhere. Even with all the pockets, I feel like I'm always rooting around in the bag looking for something. I find it bulkier. I also whack my kids in the head all the time with that darn ring charm on the side. I find it really comfy if you don't overload it.

    You can't go wrong with either of these two. Good luck deciding.
  3. Hi Poshmommy, thank you so much for your reply. which one do you use more often?
    I am thinking that the trevi maybe can use as a raining bag, and sturdy work horse. but the artsy seems so effortlessly gorgeous.

    Any reason why you not voting for the vernis alma?
  4. I think all 3 are wonderful choices and I'd actually love to own all 3. Usually I am bias towards anything pomme but in this instance, you have a con for both the alma and artsy, but only pro's for the trevi. So I vote trevi, because I think subconsciously you've already chosen :smile: good luck
  5. You have some practical bags in the list that you own now
    I would suggest Alma Pomme or any other colour Vernis
  6. Maybe subconsciously I have already chosen, but currently i think i like all of them, just that the trevi seems very practical and pretty at the same time. Moreover it is a canvas bag seems really sturdy against weather too. I really cant make a decision. Most importantly, I am not living anywhere close to a LV boutique.

    I am worry that after I have missed out getting the emp or pomme alma this time, the price will increase to Mahina price range and I could never justified myself from getting them anymore , :sad:
  7. I see that your profile photo has a Alma in Amarante, how do you find it against everyday use ? My husband love the amarante color, and I am leaning slightly towards pomme.

    I am afraid that I will use it a lot less that other bags which doesnt make sense purchasing it as I am not really using it.
  8. I totally understand! All 3 of these bags are on my ultimate wish list but in reality, I know that if the prices get much higher I'm just not going to even consider buying them. I'm currently saving for the pomme alma and I love everything that I currently own in pomme, it's by far by favourite vernis colour. Apparently a new size is coming out, larger than the pm and smaller than the mm/gm so I am waiting for that.

    I think the vernis alma works well as an every day bag for most people that I know who own it. I love the emp artsy but the price is so high and lots of people have told me its really uncomfortable and heavy... I still want it though haha.

    I agree that trevi may seem more practical, but if you fancy a change, the alma always wins it for me... Especially in pomme. Anything in pomme is wonderful IMO :smile:
  9. Exactly, and it is insane to buy all three together. Def only get one of them only for 2014. When will the new size be out ?

    Hubby recommend me buy the vernis amarante. Because I already have alma bb in pomme. Also he says the pomme in bigger size might attract attention in work place, and weekend I have pomme bb, neverfull speedys multicolore .... And if I want color for work I shud try epi alma.
  10. I understand your dilemma...I just recently acquired the emp. artsy (love it) which I found on Yoogis and using it now but I did use my trevi PM all winter but it is kind of small as I like a bit bigger bag. My vernis alma sits in the closet as I am finding I am a shoulder bag gal and only take out hand held bags on nights out. So I would analyze how you carry your bags and how much you carry in your bag. Sorry maybe too much advice:smile:
  11. artsy - durable / $$$ - top pick
    alma vernis - beautiful / not care free
    trevi - basic / basic
  12. +1
    very true!!
  13. I have both the Trevi PM and the Artsy Emp. I used to use the Trevi a lot, but recently I have started carrying an agenda book and it is hard for me to fit all of my everyday stuff in it. I do absolutely love it and it is a gorgeous bag. It was my first LV, so it will always have a special place in my heart even though I haven't been able to use it as much as before. It is definitely practical and carefree.

    The Artsy Emp is lovely, I do find it a bit of an odd shape against me, but still a gorgeous bag. It is good for travel with the shoulder strap and low-key, yet elegant in the emp leather. All weather with the emp leather too.

    I personally am not a fan of the alma, though I know it is a popular bag, it just isn't for me. And the vernis leather is too flashy for me.
  14. I have all three. Each fits a different mood. The artsy is everyday in aubre I have the Alma GM in Amarante more dressy or shopping day and the Trevi is just plain practical with being to die for I have the GM and Iove all three for different moods and reasons. I agree Amarante would go with and does everything
  15. Vernis Alma!