Artsy Azur

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  1. I love the Artsy but I already have a mono. I am hoping for an Artsy Azur. Will we get to see this?
  2. WOW that would be a great idea... if and when it comes out, I want it!
  3. Hmmmm I wonder????
  4. that would be an awesome summer bag!
  5. I think it's too soon to tell ... but would be FAB !
  6. How about the Artsy in ebene damier? That would be nice, too!!
  7. OMG...that would be awesome! I am just in LOVE with Azur right now!
  8. that would be perfect!! i really want the artsy but i already have so many monogram bags...i was thinking it might be time to branch out and get a different one...oh i hope they do this!!!

  9. ITA that would be one gorgeous bag!
  10. the artsy just came out, so i dont think they will be making an azur version of it for a while! maybe...SO?
  11. IF it comes out you'll see a lot of girls doing their happy dance...

  12. actually, you cant SO something unless the style is introduced at least 6months (or something like that- i know it has to be an old style).
    i think they will make permanent azur artsy soon
  13. Wow!!!!!!!!!great idea!!!!!!!!!;););)
  14. What are you talking about? I HAVE an Artsy Azur. But then again, I'm just lying...

    But it would be nice to see one!
  15. That would be SUCH a summer beauty!!!