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  1. Beautiful collection!
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  2. IMG_1504327849.155129.jpg

    I was deciding between this and the Anjou and I ended up getting this bag. I like the artois but I still want the Anjou
  3. My artois handles wont stand upright by itself. It always falls to each side. How did you get yours to stand up? Mine is irritating me by falling down

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  5. Haha I just got my Red MM and now already planning to get another in Black MM after seeing another's mod shots. Yes it a very useful but still elegant bag esp as workhorse.
  6. `Hi `Oryx816 —- `What a lovely Artois MM you have!!! And the rest of the Goyard stash are equally stunning. I am looking for a midsize Goyard wallet. Would you please provide details and photo of the sky blue wallet (beside the yellow and red pouches). What is the model called and how much is it? Would you please share some inside photos of the piece as well? `Looking forward to seeing your response.
  7. Update of my 2 years old Artois Pm.
    After 2years, my Artois pm is still in good condition except some minor scuffing at all the corners due to my constant squeezing/ banging/ so called rubbing against walls/ door ways. Not really noticeable unless I lift my bags to inspect closely. The protective corner is a BIG +ve point for this style. The rest of the bag (handles, canvas, prints, base, interior) are still in 9.8/10 condition.
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