Aug 4, 2011
The Artois has to be personalized with initials, up to three, applied whether in the front in the center of the handles, or close to the zipper. Below the Artois in black/tan combination.

Measurments: 30 cm length and 24 cm height

Goyard Artois 4.jpg
From Goyard website:


The Medium Size Artois (MM) has now been added to the Small Size (PM) already in existence, to supplement this range of urban style city totes.

The same casual elegance, the same apparent simplicity, the same Goyardine canvas: the Artois is clearly of the same family as the Saint-Louis.

Its very name makes a claim to family ties: just as the Comte d’Artois was the young brother of King Louis IX, known as “Saint-Louis”, so the Artois bag is the “little brother” of the emblematic Goyard bag.

But over and above these links, the Artois cultivates its difference.

The alternative and ideal complement to the Saint-Louis, it reinterprets bohemian chic with a number of clever details all of its own: longer ogive-shaped handles for comfortable shoulder wear, so-called “reinforced” Goyardine canvas providing more structure whilst remaining lightweight, overstitched leather corners for improved resistance to abrasion, zip top closing the bag completely for optimal security, large central pocket fully lined with Goyardine replacing the removable pouch that comes with the Saint-Louis…

One final detail underscores the singularity of the Artois: the handle trim is stitched with red thread, celebrating a Goyard tradition: the same red thread has been used since the 19th century to sew special order trunk handles.

The Artois also stands out with the optional special personalisation* that is available, which combines speed of execution with the authenticity of the art of personalised marking by Goyard.

The Artois comes exclusively in Goyardine canvas, in 11 colours (Black, Black & Tan, Red, Orange, Wine, Green, Sky Blue, Navy Blue, White, Grey and Yellow) and in two sizes: Small (PM) and Medium (MM).

* Available only on the day of purchase at no extra charge: two or three letters, without shading; only one font available in only one size; two positions possible: front or inner side of the top surround.
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Artois MM in black/black. Purchased February 2019 for €1365. Strap drop approximately 25cm. Shown with PM for comparison.


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