Artois Vs. St Louis

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  1. Hi everyone! Does anyone own an Artois and St. Louis (both in PM) size that can show side by side photos and mod shots of the Artois?

    I’m having a hard time deciding between the two. I have a toddler and want something casual, comfortable, and easy to tote around both of our things. I’m 5’2 and 110 lbs so I want the smaller size of either bag.

    Does the Artois look more formal than the St. Louis?

  2. The Artois is more structured than the St. Louis. I planned on buying the Artois before going to Paris but once I tried them on I decided to purchase two St. Louis styles instead—- one in pm and one in the gm size. I love the slouchiness of the St. Louis but I think it looks better in the gm size worn with the sides folded in. Even without a zipper it feels secure with the sides folded in. I have a toddler also and find that the pm size is a little small.

    I would buy the Artois in the mm size for travel purposes. The Artois pm appears smaller than the St. Louis pm when I’ve seen it worn on others. I just don’t like the way the Artois pm looks even if it is a more sturdy bag with a zipper. It’s all preference and you’ll probably know which one you want once you try it on.
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  3. I agree
    I was in SF Goyard on Friday and purchased another St Louis in the GM size, but also tried the Artois and the Anjou
    For me the Artois was just too stiff and the PM size in it was just too small
    I prefer the relaxed and softness of the ST Louis in both sizes
    Good like deciding and hopefully you can try them on in a boutique
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  4. I just purchased the GM Artois. It is perfect for travel. Definitely more structured but has a lock and tons of room.
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  5. I just looked at the Artois pm and St. Louis- the Artois is a tad larger but the handle drop is longer- therefore it will fit over your arm comfortably- the St Louis is a tight fit-
    I have the Artois and St. Louis (both the Larger styles)— I like them both but as someone said- the Artois is much stiffer and more structured- I travel with it-
    The St Louis is slouchy, fits a ton and is a great all around tote.
    Good luck on your choice!
  6. Lexgal - love the bag! Is this the new GM size? I own an MM and am considering the GM, but am curious to know how much bigger it is.
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  7. I purchased the Artois MM in Paris late last year and very happy with my purchase. It is more structured which was one downside (for me) but after using it almost everyday I’ve been able to “soften it up” a little.

    The zippers and reinforced corners are what really sold me. I love the ease of zipping the bag when I’m on a crowded train and not worry about any wandering hands! I also like how the top has “flaps” for the zippers to meet so the bag doesn’t awkwardly fold in towards the center. From the outside, you would never know there’s a zipper closure (which I far prefer the look of)!

    I got this to replace my Longchamp Neo and it holds slightly more which is perfect.
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  8. Yes very nice tote
    Value for money