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  1. I just sent you a message...
  2. Does anyone own both an Artois MM and PM? I bought the MM a few months ago and I adore it, especially for travel, but find it gets bumped into a lot when I am on the city streets and subway. I think a PM would be better for everyday use.

    The thing that is keeping me from pulling the trigger right away is that I bought the Artois MM in black/black and I love that color so much that I would want black/black for the Artois PM too, but that seems a little silly since they would so similar just a slight size difference. Maybe some Goyard fans own the St. Louis in the same color in both PM and GM? Guess I am looking for an enabler or for someone to point out that I should change it up a little. :smile: I might get grey, but hate that they charge so much for special colors. I wish I loved the black/tan more...
  3. Is MM too big for every day use? I am actually looking for the MM since I carry 15” laptop for daily work
  4. If I was driving to work, I might not mind the size. On airplanes and in taxis, it’s fine.

    In terms of city sidewalks and subways (and pre-boarding planes), it constantly gets bumped (even constantly hit by my own family) and I hold it very close to my body and a very cognizant of protecting it. I have similar large bags that are more slouchy that never get bumped, it’s the structured part of the Artois that makes it prone to bumping.

    The structured part of the bag is also what makes it so lovely!
  5. Artois happiness. My PM was delivered today.

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  7. Love the color! How is the strap drop length for you?
  8. TBH, it’s bit short on the PM, but it’s cold in Berlin and I am still wearing heavily jackets. I went with the grey in anticipation of summer and not wearing the bag with jackets.

    Just a few more weeks and the drop won’t bother me.... In the meantime, have been holding the PM with my hand rather than over the shoulder.
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