Artois PM

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  1. Yes, the SA at Bergdorfs said the Pm is 1650.00 and that the prices went down to match Europe? Didn’t really make sense. I was also pleasantly surprised to hear the St. Louis PM is only 1200.00 now.
    I also asked about the handles, and she said they replace them for no cost within the first year. Mine have been fine on my St. Louis so far, thankfully:smile:
  2. It just came! My heart is singing!!!

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  3. You'll love it
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  4. Its perfect! The yellow monogram works so well against the black - love it! Congrats and enjoy your new beauty!
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  5. Wow!! I LOVE the yellow!
    Congratulations :heart:
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  6. Thank you ! This is how they had it displayed in store. I love how the yellow pops.
  7. Thank you !
  8. Oooohh. ..I love your choice of color for the monogram! I’m planning to get one while I will be in Chicago next month. Just wondering, do the boutique always have stock of the Artois or do I need to call in first and check?

    Also, if I’m not from IL will I also get a tax redemption since where I’m living there’s no Goyard store.

    Sorry for all the questions. This is going to be my first Goyard and after so long searching and replacing totes from Dior totes, Neverfull, the YSL shopper tote, I think this might be it.

    Thank you in advance :smile:
  9. Hi,
    You will only get tax free if it’s mailed to you and if there is no Goyard in the state which you reside . If you monogram it it has to be mailed anyway. It takes 10 days. I mailed it to my husband’s work so someone could sign for it and I didn’t have to worry about being home. I like the spot where I had my monogram placed because when on shoulder you really can’t see it . Can’t wait to wear it . I really fell in love with the blue goyard but could not justify $500 more . It’s insane . Only the black is $1600. Hope this helps.
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  10. Oh ... forgot to add.... it’s my 1st goyard as well. It won’t take the place of your neverfull. It’s smaller and more purse like IMO. If you want something bigger get the medium size but I think the PM makes the bag.
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  11. Thank you for the encouragement! Take care.
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  12. That's a breathtaking color combo! Great choice!

    Would you mind posting the inside base measurements? I'm still patiently waiting for my Artois PM, but I want to get a jump on ordering a purse organizer. TIA!
  13. Hi, do you have SA in Bergdorf that you can recommend? I'm looking to get my first Goyard bag and have few gif card for BG, I was wondering if you could recommend someone nice :smile: thank you
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  14. Hi, I had Opal help me and she was really sweet:smile:
    You just have to call for the Goyard department in the store.
    How exciting! Which bag are you getting?
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  15. I think the medium organizer works. I believe it's about 10.5 x 5.
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