Artois PM

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  1. Oh wow! Yes he was very helpful to me as well and is a great Goyard ambassador - thanks for letting me know!
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  2. I would like to share my purchase as well.

    There is not Goyard shop in my country but I had to travel to Hong Kong twice in 2 months (not for the bag, of course) Thus, I planned to buy the Artois MM with initials, which were free!

    But when I tried the mm in person , it looked Huge on me. I liked that it could be loaded with all my essentials but then it would be too heavy. I am a “two-bag” person, one for everyday, one for yoga. So I opted for the pm which still had plenty of room left after I loaded it which my everyday items.

    The bag holds its shape well. Easy to find things without bag organizer. I like the internal pocket which is more functional than the pocket of st louis.

    My only mistake was I should have picked a brighter color for my initials.



  3. I like the initials in goes well with grey!
  4. I like the initials......they don’t scream out.
  5. Hi! Beautiful Artois - the exact bag I am interested in. How is it holding up - are you happy with your purchase? (I would like to purchase the Artois as my first Goyard but am apprehensive about quality issues....). Thanks for any feedback you have!!
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  6. It has held up beautifully. No wear to corners and the straps are still stiff and standing up on their own. If you like the Aesthetic of Goyard, go for Artois. You won’t have any quality issues.
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  7. I love my Artois MM! It’s a workhorse — I’ve used it every day for nearly five months. It’s been on several trips during this time and is honestly one of my best purchases. No quality issues whatsoever.
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  8. I just purchase an Artois MM after selling my St. Louis GM 5 years was too unstructured and thin. I was hesitant to go back to Goyard b/c of the quality issue, but I am really pleased with my purchase and I am looking forward to getting an Artois PM in blue this summer!
  9. I just ordered mine from Miami. I am so excited! I got the pm size.
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  10. I got the pm Artois in black with yellow initials on the top above the zipper. They had a sample of it in the store and was stunning.
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  11. Oooohh - please post a photo! I would love to see your Artois. Congrats!!!
  12. Thanks ! I will I promise ! I dragged my husband to the store in Miami while there this weekend. They have to mail it since they are doing the initials . Plus no tax since mailing it!
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  13. That Is so great to hear! I ordered a PM today and was shocked when the SA informed me that the prices have actually gone down on the bags:smile:. I decided to get the Artois since it is raining so much here lately:smile:
    I'm glad the quality is good. My St Louis is perfect too- has help up well- but need a zipper for now.
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  14. Congratulations! That sounds stunning! I ordered mine today but need it NOW since it is raining so much. The SA told me I could send it back for my initials within 3 months.
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  15. Price have gone down?? I’m shocked too!
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