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  1. I purchased the Artois PM from London boutique last week and have mixed feelings about the experience. First of all 20 min wait outside just to get inside the boutique. Once inside, the SA’s were all busy and it took another 10 min before I was helped. But at least it was all first come first served basis.

    I had originally went in to see the St Louis tote in smaller size but but the quality was not up to my expectations so got the Artois pm instead.

    I couldn’t believe but the St Louis display model had actual hole in one of the corner. When I asked, the SA said it’s because the bag is used so much. “Used” as in looked at by customers not actual use ;) I got the distinct impression that the Goyard bags are not to be used as workhorses as my LV neverfulls.

    Anyways, I am very happy with the Artois, the canvas is definitely thicker than the St Louis but is still very light. The zipper, even though is not as sturdy as LV, it still gives the extra level or security. Reinforced corners are also a huge plus.

    For reference, price was £1,050 incld VAT for the classic color.

    Overall happy with my purchase.

    IMG_5340.jpg IMG_5341.jpg

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  2. Sucks that you had such a weird experience. That doesn’t sound pleasant at all. The fact that they had a display model with a hole in it is just plain bad salesmanship and not representative of the values of this House.

    The Artois is a lovely bag though and along with the Bellechasse, can be considered the workhorse bag of Goyard.
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  3. Congrats with your new purchase. Artois Pm is a gorgeous bag. I agreed that it's better quality than St Louis. I'd seen St Louis many years ago while visiting Paris but was not impressed. I'm hooked on Artois after seeing everyone's reveal here and in you tube. I bought mine by email, sight unseen and had the lovely experience with the staff from the mother store in Paris. I'm glad when it arrived, it was definitely true love.
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    Congrats with your purchase.

    On the experience at Goyard London, I shared an equally if not worse, experience. The whole feeling and lack of EQ by some SAs there are just not acceptable. They gave me obviously wrong information and showed complete lack of interest in their products. They couldnt even find a decent size paper bag for me! The experience was so bad that I told myself never ever to patronize the London store. Shame on Goyard for not training their staff well enough :sad: C'mon, they are selling luxury products!
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  5. That is really is quite bizarre that they would do it this way. After all, limited number of people inside at a given time should enhance the customer experience not the other way round ;)
  6. My experience was 3 years ago. I thought things might have change but my friend who went there last Dec had similarly unpleasant experience. To me, it is just bad service, period.
  7. There was even a line up for payment. One guy was processing all payments and he would call people’s name to come and pay. Literally 3 line ups, one to get in, one for an SA and one for payment.

    I don’t have an option to visit a boutique in Canada so London was my only choice but I guess until there are line ups outside, Goyard has no reason to change their service.
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  8. Hearing about the appalling service in London makes me understand why I couldn't get anyone to pick up the phone despite numerous calls recently.

    It's bizarre because my service experience in early 2016 was great. Other than the doorman peeking out to ask me if I needed directions when I tried to enter the store (he was very apologetic when he realized I was a customer), I found all else to be professional. I came in for a Marquises but they didn't have any color I wanted. That was when I found out about the Marquises (and so many other bags) being discontinued. The young female SA (short brown hair) was professional, patient, and knowledgable. She had good humor about my not being able to decide on a passport cover color and coming back later in the day. I had a nice conversation with a gentleman SA who was extremely knowledgeable and had a great sense of humor. He lamented that I couldn't get the Marquises I was after and we had a nice chat as my purchase was rung up.

    Fingers crossed my visit this fall is as pleasant...
  9. Glad that you had a good experience at London Boutique. I guess it depends on the SAs that serve you.

    I always enjoy each of my Goyard visit. I have been to their boutiques at Paris, Tokyo, Osaka, Singapore, Hong Kong and of course, London. Their SAs in general are professional and knowledgeable (which to me, should be minimum criteria for Luxury brands).

    Unfortunately, my experience at London was just terrible....i called them a day earlier to confirm the availability of the bag that I was looking for (i realized later that I was actually very lucky that someone actually picked up my call) before going down; when i was in the store, the SA told me the bag was NEVER available but when i persuaded her to check again, she found the bag miraculously; when packing, they ran out of the appropriate sized paper bags and settled for a size which was at least 5 times bigger the size of the bag i purchased (I dumped the gigantic paper bag on my way back to hotel); when i was back in hotel, I realized that they have keyed in the price of a wrong size and overcharged me! ....which meant i have to make another painful trip (with long wait and Queue)

    Sorry for the ranting.

    Though it happened years ago, you probably could tell my blood still boils when i think of it!
  10. Oh my. I now see I was very lucky with my experience.

    Though it doesn't compare to yours, I did have an...interesting...experience during my most recent visit to the LA boutique. A young female SA repeatedly gave me wrong information. I was asking about the sizes in different bags and she denied the existence of bags she was literally standing in front of. I pointed one out to her but didn't have the heart to embarrass her further. Thankfully, Jamison is a stellar SA in Los Angeles and, in my experience, can always be counted on to provide good information. Too bad about the prices there, though...
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  11. Oh my, I guess I was actually lucky [emoji23]
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  12. Congrats on the gorgeous bag! I saw this post and decided to stop by a Goyard boutique recently to enquire about the bag. I was concerned about the durability of this bag given past experiences I’ve had with the St. Louis. Unfortunately, the sales associate assisting me informed me that while this bag is better constructed and more durable it is not impervious to cracking (the coating that is) just like any other Goyard bag. Please keep us posted on how well this holds up.
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  13. Congratulations!! I received my Artois last week and I love it.
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  14. Was Jamison at the NM location prior to the stand alone boutique opening on Rodeo Drive - I think he served me as well when only Goyard was @ NM 2 years ago and he was very helpful!
  15. That's him! He says he still goes back to NM on the occasion a customer prefers to purchase there.
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