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Artois PM vs Saint Louis PM


Feb 16, 2018
Hi everyone — I would love some advice! I’m new to Goyard and recently purchased an Artois PM. I initially picked this bag because of its durability and longer strap drop, but I don’t love how far it sticks out on me and the limited amount of space. I’m petite so the GM is too big for me. I think I might exchange it for the Saint Louis PM because I like that it’s unstructured and I can fit more in the bag. I’m not planning on carrying a laptop so not too worried about holes.

Would it be a mistake to buy the Saint Louis instead? I want to use this bag for travel and everyday essentials (water bottle, jacket, wallet, keys, etc.). Since I bought it at my local boutique, they offer exchanges only so I’d also have to get something else with the credit. If I do get the Saint Louis instead, what would you recommend I purchase with the credit?

Thank you!!!


Jan 12, 2006
I use my Artois as a travel bag since it zips and is heartier than the STL. If you're wanting a softer bag that you won't put heavy items in, I'd go for the STL, or my fave the Anjou.


New Yorker
Sep 26, 2007
I love my Artois and wouldn’t exchange it for St Louise. When the weather gets bad (rains, snows) you will appreciate the fact that it zips up. This also comes handy when you travel. I actually use it as my everyday bag and it perfectly works when I carry a laptop, or a bunch of kids things with my children, or just things to run around town. Absolutely love it.


Jan 24, 2016
I prefer the Artois but you need to go with what you like more. You don’t want to always be regretting it. If you’re having doubts, I would at least go try on the SL. Also, just make sure you don’t take the plastic off your bag handles


Dec 5, 2008
If you can’t get past how the Artois looks on you, I would consider the Anjou. It has the same silhouette as the St. Louis, but it’s much more durable because it’s leather lined. It’s definitely more expensive, but in my opinion, it’s a much better bag than the St. Louis. I have both the Artois and the Anjou and they’ve held up very well. If you’re planning to use the St. Louis as an everyday purse or whatever, I think you should be fine. But a travel bag? I wouldn’t. I don’t know about you, but my travel bags get SO HEAVY (lol)!

Full disclosure, I’m not a huge fan of the St. Louis. I don’t understand the point of a bag that large that you can’t put stuff in without fear of it falling apart. I know you said you don’t need to carry your laptop, but at this price point, you SHOULD be able to carry one and anything else you want. Some people say they haul heavy stuff in the St. Louis all day long and they haven’t had any problems. But I haven’t been able to figure out if they’re one of the lucky ones, or if it’s just a matter of time. For every success story, I’ve heard way too many stories of people who experience holes, etc and are disappointed with the quality. Out of curiosity, what color are you getting?


Apr 20, 2018
The pm size artois looks like a purse and the gm size looks like a travel bag. I would go with the St. Louis or Anjou. You could also try the sac hardy…it’s still a slouchy bag but perhaps more sturdy than the St. Louis model. If you with the St. Louis an have a credit you could always use the credit towards another color St. Louis so you have options.


Mar 26, 2023
If it helps- I was torn between the artois and st louis as well because of the zipper but ultimately went with the st louis pm because it was almost summer, there was no rain. I wanted a cute summery tote for everyday/gym use. I carry a wallet, card case, water bottle, and small towel. I've carried it for months now nearly every day and I dont regret my purchase at all but when it was pouring rain this last weekend i definitely had a moment of "damn should've bought the artois" lol. I do have a zippable purse organizer in the st louis but yeah, still looking at getting a winter bag. Maybe the artois.


Feb 21, 2023
Greetings. I have both the Saint Louis PM and Artois MM, which is the medium size. The MM is a tad larger than a Saint Louis PM but not as big as a Saint Louis GM. I love both bags but I believe the Artois MM is so much more versatile. It is a great bag to travel with. I can easily fit all of my stuff, including a cardigan when traveling. The main reasons I prefer Artois over Saint Louis is the strap drop (longer on Artois) the structured nature of the bag, and of course, the zipper! You would be hard pressed to get the Saint Louis PM strap over a winter coat or even a heavier weight jacket. I prefer to wear my bag on my shoulder as opposed to my arm so for me if I had to chose, I would go with Artois MM. Hope this helps!
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May 6, 2008
If you want a sturdy spacious travel bag, the Artois mm would be it. It was too big for my everyday use and the bag was too stiff. I rarely used it. I much prefer a casual soft bag so I use a Claire voie instead, which feels a teeny bit sturdier than a regular St. Louis. I’m still careful not to overload it though. Maybe you should consider the Anjou too.


Best Bubbie
Jul 12, 2006
Just a quick comment…I have a St. Louis that I’ve been carrying almost daily for the past 3 1/2 years. I don’t carry a laptop or tablet, but I do carry WAY too much..it is usually quite heavy…people who pick it up are surprised. I have had no problems with the straps, and certainly no holes…or even the beginning of holes. So…your mileage may vary, but those issues are not a given.
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