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  1. Hiii!

    I am still going back and forth between the St. Louis and the Artois but am leaning towards the Artois since I need a work tote. Would a small laptop and work type things fit into the Artois PM? I know the MM is bigger than the LV Neverfull MM so I am not sure how to gauge the PM size. I am not able to see them in person or else that is what I would end up doing... I am 5"1, 100lbs and used to have a Neverfull GM as well but that is way too big for daily work use. Do any of you use your Artois PM as a work tote?

    Thanks for your help and for helping me make my decision! ;)
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    E58F5CD4-ACEC-4DB3-AAB4-A059F054DB31.jpeg 2A5DA849-BDD6-4163-A159-F147F126DDC1.jpeg I’ve had an Artois PM (black w/ black trim) for about three years now, before they offered it in MM and without the required personalization. If I had to choose between PM or MM for work, I’d probably choose the MM, though the PM looks more professional and polished on my frame (petite with small-med athlethic build).

    Because it has the zippered top, the opening is smaller and the tote does taper at the bottom. You may be able to fit a very slim laptop vertically but you won’t be able to zip up or fit many bulky work items without distorting the bag’s shape. Bear in mind the shoulder strap drop is not as generous so it will become a hand held tote if you try to fit a laptop vertically. Also, the bag is more structured than the St. Louis so it won’t feel as pliable as your NF. Last, it’s been well documented that Goyard tote straps are prone to cracking/splitting - mine hasn’t quite yet, only because I don’t use the Artois that often. The handles on my Sac Hardy, however, cracked/split after a month and half use.

    It’s really a bag you need to see in person to determine if it’s going to work for you. I think it’s a beautiful bag -but just not practical for me at this time. Good luck!!!

    ETA: length of zipped top opening measures just under 13”; bottom is 12”; height is 10”; and width is 5”; shoulder drop is 7-8”
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  3. If your primary purpose is to use the bag to carry a laptop/for work, you will want to buy the Artois MM. I am 5'2 and petite like you and I have the Artois PM, but I use it more as a daily purse than for a work bag.

    The Artois is much more structured than the St. Louis, so it should be sturdier to carry a laptop in.

    You can also ask your SA to take pictures of both. My SA at Bergdorf's had a co-worker who was 5'4" model both sizes so I could see how it would look in person.
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  4. You don't have to get personalization anymore. You can, and it is free if you order it at the time you buy. You can have it added later for $170 (per SF store).
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  5. I bought an Artois MM in March in HK and no personalization was required. To me, the PM looked really small, much more like a "purse". For a work bag and to carry a laptop I would definitely go with the MM, for the extra space and the longer shoulder straps.
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  6. I agree that the PM is more purse sized. In fact, the SA described it as such.
  7. I own an Artois PM and I’m just about your size (5’1”, 100lbs) which I use for work. They didn’t have the MM when I purchased my bag about 3 years ago. I’m a healthcare professional, so I don’t need to carry a laptop or documents. It is too small unless your laptop is like a chrome book or an iPad. If you have a regular laptop, you should probably get the Artois MM.

    I also own a St. Louis PM (which is the size of a LV neverfull MM). The St. Louis though probably is not the right bag to hold a laptop. It’s not structured and probably can’t withstand the weight of a laptop.

    St. Louis PM vs Artois PM

    What fits in the Artois PM

    Modeling shot with the Artois PM
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