Artists! Show your work!

  1. I just started painting again and shared a couple of pieces I just finished with another forum member. It got me thinking though, I wonder how many other artists, sculptors, craftsmen/women are on this forum? If you have anything you'd like to share - share it here. I'd love to see other peoples work. I'll show if you show! Here are the 2 pieces I just finished:

    "Gita" oil on canvas

    "Gerenuk" colored pencil on paper

    Can't wait to see what else is out there!
  2. OMG, Bagnshoo!!! Those are incredible!!!!! I love elephants, and that first painting is beautiful!!! LOVE the detail and texture!!!
  3. Wow...Shoo those are beautiful!! You are so talented!!! I like to paint but it's mostly like kindergarten looking stuff!!!
  4. Post em! I love abstracts! Its all about being creative.;)
  5. OMG....
    you are so talented.... any chance you can make a painting of my puppy?
  6. Possibly. Could you pm me a photo?
  7. are you serious?
    pm'ing you now.....
  8. I always wanted to buy like the professional painting stuff. I had a guy friend that was an amazing artist so it was through him thatI got inspired, but I never did. He was suppose to paint or rather draw me a picture of me I gave him a photograph of me so could do so but he ended up moving back to Monterrey. So I never got it. Is it alright if it'S on white construction paper. I am embarrassed to show you after I saw your gorgeous work. I did take art in college. Not that it matters I still draw awful!! LOL!
  9. Those are gorgeous! You are sooo talented!
  10. I strongly encourage everyone to paint. Everyone has an imagination. Everyone is creative. Not everything has to look perfect. Some of the greatest art is highly imperfect. Art can be on any medium. There is no shame in construction paper! Post away!
  11. NICE, bagnshoo! Do you like to paint animals especially? I wish I had that kind of talent...
  12. I do other things but animals are definitely my favorite subject to paint. And BTW I wish I had your brain.:yes:
  13. wow ! those are great paintings. please post more as you finish them! i haven't painted in a few years. i used to when i was in college. i was ok...
  14. NICE!

    I cand draw Homer Simpson's head (basically the heads of the Simpson family) and that's pretty much it.
  15. How nice!!!:heart: Bagnshoo, not only you're an animal lover but an animal painter too!!! I paint also. If I can get my 9 year old to help me with pics, I'll post them.