Artist series - Thoughts on metal rope Lady Dior?

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  1. I think this only reinforces the ridiculous bias in the fashion industry that women aren’t as talented at designing as men.

    The one with chains is good conceptually but the plexi baubles cheapen.
  2. I think this looks pretty good overall, some are incredible, like the one that looks like a zsolnay eosin piece. It doesn't seem like all the artists' preferred media lend themselves well to the handbag format and it doesn't seem like they were given a lot of freedom with regards to the shape of the bag. Some of the LV collabs have resulted in completely new shapes and even items (Karl's punching bag). Perhaps some of these bags make more sense once you know the full body of work that the artist has produced. That's probably why the price is so hight even if it's "just added ropes", you buy a piece of art as well. The broccoli bag actually makes me very curious about the material used...

    I still think none of these are worse than Koons x LV. ;) And if none of these female artists did a worse job than one of the most famous (male) artists in modern times, that can't be too bad no?
  3. #15 seems to me to be an ode to broccoli
  4. Most of these are so... crafty.

    I do think though that in general all this kind of links with a Dior tradition of kitschy variations on a bag theme. Not thinking of tradition as in Monsieur D himself of course, but more the Galliano era, which seems to fascinate Chiuri no end. Think all those Saddle bags covered in felt or macrame flowers or including car parts... they may have acquired the charm of the old, but many were every bit as fugly as these.
  5. Oh my god it looks worse in real life lol
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  6. Inside you will find a tree nymph from the English forest :lol:
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    Considering how strong the latest campaign was in terms of female empowerment and representation of female photographers and their work, I'm totally disappointed in the quality of the artist collaboration this time round. Fendi's recent artist interpretations of the Peekaboo were much better executed (although those pieces were less handbags and more art sculptures).

    My favourite Dior Lady Art collaboration is still with Ian Davenport with his colors, and Jason Martin's use of brushstrokes as a sculptural element - which ties in nicely with Dior couture and the sculptural nature of the Lady Dior.
    diorladyart_iandavenport_aterlier_slideshow01.jpg diorladyart_iandavenport_aterlier_slideshow02.jpg diorladyart_iandavenport_aterlier_slideshow03.jpg diorladyart_jasonmartin_aterlier_slideshow01.jpg diorladyart_jasonmartin_aterlier_slideshow02.jpg diorladyart_jasonmartin_aterlier_slideshow03.jpg
    I also liked David Wiseman's work for its elegance (love the Lily-of-the-Valley porcelain and brass charms), and Medium and Large Spencer Sweeney Lady Diors for being so expressive and visceral.
    dior lady art wiseman2_0.jpg DIOR_LADYART2_SPENCER_SWEENEY_1.jpg LADY-DIOR-Art-Spencer-Sweeney.jpg
  8. I think I've been cooking too many Christmas dinners lately.. the bag reminded me of a trussed up ham... :biggrin:
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  9. :biggrin:
  10. More bags from the series:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  11. Someone kidnapped a bag and held it hostage.....:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin: Ransom: Inquire in store.
  12. I love the bags with the lucite handles, any ideas on price?
  13. $9800 for the medium, and $7400 for the mini
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  14. This one changes colour depending on the lighting :heart:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  15. The idea behind this bag

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