Artist series - Thoughts on metal rope Lady Dior?

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  1. Well, I don't think for an extra $5k I would opt for a rope? I am sure someone strategically tied some sailor's knots, but I am guess I might be able to duplicate this look rather easily should it become the new "thing" :frown: I could just see that rope getting caught on all kind of things. I have trouble as it is with door handles sometimes :facepalm:

    The second one, seriously. it looks like my underwear drawer. Sorry if that's TMI but those Cosaballa 50pr in every color under the sun, this is literally how it looks...
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  2. Sorry, the bag looks ugly and the price tag is mad
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  3. image.jpeg Apparently it's more than just Dior...just saw this on the Chanel site.
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  4. Hmm. Why is it that fashion houses copy each other?
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  5. :lol: ! Brilliant

    Artists go for the 'cheap' shots right now. It's quite clear with these and many of the designers X artists, artists do not understand handbags at all. Ug-ly and in my mind disrespectful.

    I wonder if the first is a ironic poke at Dior's New Look (tightly nipped in waist corsets to match).
  6. At least this time around other artists were not posthumously dragged into it! :P I think the Chanel bags are more successfull at the theme...
  7. Here are the rest....
    0F2006A9-A0B4-408D-A344-8DA88A161F16.png B9057D91-E38D-4D88-9790-EF1C16F9FC4C.png 935DD111-F5CF-43C2-BE22-09A57FD58B03.png BD94C33D-DBAB-4C07-90D6-A2693B80D08D.png 2CF6A6CB-FBEF-4356-A6F2-58DB90E332D8.png C9BE1D15-0DA1-40E4-883D-7645EA082240.png 34423F94-AA70-44D2-B45B-43F247C08369.png
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  8. Oh this is all just WRONG. If I carried #15 out of 22, I’d be arrested for 2.5 pounds of marijuana possession.
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  9. Ha...I thought #15 was Dior's version of a chia pet...
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  10. I actually really like the gold ones, including the one that has metallic green and gold with a relief design in the leather. I also really like the one with a bronze textured "skin" on it which looks very plain.

    The bubbles version looks cute with the plexiglass handles and the charms in a bubble.

    I really dislike the one that looks like it has what looks like lawn hedges or broccoli on it (:sick:).

    Overall, I think this is the weakest of the Lady Dior Artist collections released. Not enough pieces that are outstanding.
  11. I like the gold ones too.

    All the artists in this series are Women. I admire MGC / Dior for doing that.
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  12. Hum not sure about the acrylic handles
  13. I hate every single one in this thread with the exception of the black with silver stripes (boring) and the gold scale / swirl one (can tolerate it). This is a complete fail IMHO. The aesthetic doesn’t even feel like Dior in most of these. Kitschy, tacky, trying too hard are not words I’d associate with the Dior brand...til lately. The LD is such a gorgeous bag, why not update it / push the boundaries in a beautifulway? It doesn’t have to be stodgy to be chic.
    :roflmfao: I thought it looked like the bag had been overcome by alien mold. The perfect ironic item if you regularly go to work wearing a HAZMAT suit. LOL!
    Buuuuuuuuut... they couldn’t find talented female artists???:whut:
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  14. As a woman and a feminist I am majorly disappointed this is what women artists have come-up with. The next issue should be qualified by asking artists female or male who actually own a proper bag.

    I quite like the look of black (or dark grey?) with the embossed chains and 'heavy metal' accents. However, the outer is probably not leather but rubber which makes it OK at a normal price-point but not these kinda prices.
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  15. Compared to some of the previous artist collaborations, this one makes me want to weep in the name of wasted potential.

    I’m still sad that I passed on the orchid LD from 2016 when I came across one at Yorkdale Mall.
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