Artist series - Thoughts on metal rope Lady Dior?

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  1. Not sure what to say on this. Curious what you guys will say.
  2. Here’s the actual pic
  3. Another...
  4. The pink rope one looks awful! It looks like a DIY project or something. It looks like the bag itself is actually designed to curve already. It would've been enough to have it look like it's constricted by a rope without actually having the rope there.:tdown:

    The micro one isn't as bad as the medium one, probably because the rope is metal and match the colour of the charms.

    The second one with the fabric scraps looks like they took pieces of fabric from the Project Runway studio floor sweepings and attached them on a Lady Dior.

  5. Cool idea, poorly executed and wrong bag for the idea IMO. They need a soft bag so they don’t need to fake the indentations where the ropes are; it looks cartoonish and the bag looks like it has muffin tops.
    And the other with the pieces of fabric doesn’t look random enough or the right bag to show off that kind of craftsmanship (looks like it was a ruined black bag and someone did something to cover it up) :tdown:
  6. Looks immature
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  7. Looks abit BDSM tbh
  8. :lol::lol:
  9. My SA said “50 shades of Dior” and “Dirty laundry”.
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  10. :lol::lol::lol:
  11. Yeah I didn’t want to be critical in case someone likes them but wtf. I can’t seem to find a brand lately I want to throw money at. Delvaux. And finally got a B. But Chanel? Boo. Dior? Meh.
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  13. I knew I had seen this bag before...
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    I quite like the look of the pink one with the rope! Not enough to buy it though. The black one was not at all to my taste, but I could make the pink one work! :happydance:

    The fabric one looks like something an old art teacher with thick framed glasses and frissy red hair would carry.
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  15. I hear you TraceySH! I saw a picture of this earlier today...and I thought it might be a joke! To me it looks like they are running out of ideas...
    However, it's a free world and if this makes someone's heart sing then more power to them. Definitely not for me...I prefer my lady diors free and not strangled for double the $$!