Artist in Residence 2010

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  1. Katharina L.'s artwork is probably gonna be a hit. ebags had it up for like less than 5 days then all sold out. Damn, and I missed the 20% sale they had like by ONE day. The stockist at ebags said to expect a new shipment in 4-5 weeks. WEEKS! :sad:
  2. Ah they're back up at ebags. Different print from website!

    Ok I bought a few AIR items and got the catalog.

    Here are Katharina Leuzinger's prints, top 2 are at and bottom left at ebags. Bottom right coming in April, and background is light pink. Sorry about the lighting that doesn't show the colors very well.


    Generic Lesportsac prints:


    A closer look at prints to come, the ones prior are already up on Purrr-fect Patch (March) and She's A Piston (April) are prints by Lilly Pulitzer.


    I'm totally digging the Snackville print of the AIR series!! You?
  3. wow! i want that treehouse print! and the cupcakes!

    I am so spoiled, i used to have a friend that worked at LSS, and she was able to get me bags at a steep discount. she no longer works there and i am so sad. i love the new AIR bags. they are so cute, totally nicer than the new tokidoki. i will definitely buy one, just not sure which one.

    i want a catalog!!!!
  4. Wow you were so LUCK KEEEE! So did you like overdose yourself on Tokidoki back when they collaborated with LSS?

    Actually the best item to buy would be the Snack Sac. It's really huge for a lunch pack and only $20. The whole canvas of House Boat is right there, top to bottom, with a wee bit of overlap left to right. Much prettier than depicted in photos, I think this is what tokidoki should be - themed with attention to detail. I agree with you they're nicer than the new tokidoki.

    Also bought the Clubhouse Pouch it's way too cute!
  5. i don't know if i want to get the snackville print or wait for treehouse. i think i like the snackville colors better than the houseboat print. i already have two snack sacks, and can't use any more! the little house bag is totally adorable, i agree.

    i'm afraid that if i get the snackville bag, i'm going to want to get a treehouse bag later, and i don't really need either one!! even at 20% off on ebags, they're still sort of pricey. i've got my eye on the messenger bag.....

    and, yes, i did get all sorts of goodies way back when. tokidoki as well as AIR. i have a few bfree bags that i love. those are great prints, too, but i wish that they had had the better styles back then. the newer AIR styles are much better. i love the new messenger bag.

    it's all fun. i emailed lesportsac and asked them to send me a spring catalog. they're out of them now, but said that when they get more, they'll send me one.