Artisans behind these works of art...

  1. Hello ladies, I'm quite new at the forum and have been lurking around on and off for awhile and this is my first post! How exciting!
    I've been watching this eBay listing

    and looking back at one of sandia's old auctions

    I realized they both had the same craftsman's id 23M!!!

    This interesting observation spins all kinds of questions in my head. I wonder how many craftsmen/women does hermes employ and what kind of training they must endure before they're assigned to a station where the magic begins!!??

    The fact that both bags are HAC makes me think craftsman 23M is probably a HAC specialist!!! :smile: What a dream it will be if I get to go behind the scenes and witness the making of a birkin bag. But then maybe I don't really want to see these beauties in pieces before they are assembled... :s It is definitely more glamorous to see them on shelves in stores then workshop tables...
  2. You and me both, would love to see behind the scenes!
  3. If I recall correctly there are some behind the scenes photos around here somewhere, I just can't remember where they are!

    BTW I was shocked to read in that "Deluxe" book that the author claims Hermes now has over 1500 craftspeople. I assume that refers to all disciplines, including silks, etc., and not just leathergoods, but it's still a much larger number than I ever anticipated.
  4. Count me in! I'd like to see those H artisans at work too. We have an in-house craftsman here. He made a Kelly Bag during an exhibition and showed us how he turned the Kelly Bag over. I was practically sweating when he did that. It was a 'nail-biting' moment for me.
  5. Isn't it neat?? I watched a craftsman making a saddle once during the holiday season at Madison Avenue and I thought that was the coolest thing, but to see them make a Kelly :drool:.
  6. Imagine how many Birkins and kellys in addition to other bags they churn out each year. There have to be quite a number. Imagine how many there are at Vuitton. :sweatdrop:

    They have quite a number of stores.