"Artisans Behind Italian Fashion Worry About Their Future"


Mar 24, 2009
The Italian government must step in.
There have been so many scandals involving the artisanat over there.
If one spends an incredible amount of money on a shirt or a pair of shoes for instance, One wants the quality reflected and the item completely made in Italy by Italian Artisans.
And forget about jewelry, another situation.
I believe that this type of savoir faire is going to be revalued and the future will be good for specialized trades.
It is a unique savoir faire and while it might be cheaper to buy Indian embroidery, it is not the same, Imo.
The clients have wisened up too. Especially since the considerable savings are not passed on to the end users.


K in a circle
Aug 29, 2006
We all know that Italian fashion and designer are known and requested all over the world, as food and cars.
What about Italian furniture/lamp design instead?
We’ve big industries in that field too (and they don’t come cheap unfortunately).
Is Italian design still high outside our borders?