Artificial nails -

  1. Who here has them? I am contemplating putting them back on. I have had both gels and acrylics... not sure which one is best. I have also heard of silk wraps but I don't really know what that involves. I have very flat nailbeds that just look best with some sort of nail enhancement as it give them a better curve. I just wondered how many here get them.
  2. I admit it....I do, I took them off for awhile and went back...the manicure lasts so much longer...especially if you have kids! I try to go every other week, but most times it is 3 weeks before I go in and sometimes even 4!

    I use the gel, but have them polished instead of the white tips....I think so many people these days see french and assume tips, with the color it keeps em guessing ;)
  3. I've been getting "solar nails" on a regular basis lately... they last for about a month, then you can refill and wear them for another 2-3 weeks. Such a great deal. My nail place rocks.
    It's different from just getting a full set french manicure, but I'm not sure on other terminology. :shame: But I'm sure they are acrylic as well..
  4. I have gels with the french tip. I just love them and get them refilled every 2 to 3 weeks. I have two small children so having the french tips ensures that they always look good and there's not chipped polish to contend with. I love them. Did I mention that I love them?
  5. vickitoria what are solar nails? Can you explain the process? Cal what do you mean by french tips? Is that like a french manicure on top of gels? When I had my gels I think I wore them clear. I hate to have to pay for a french manicure on top of what I am already paying for a fill in.. ya know?
  6. Ah, I dont know how to explain it well! But I'll try...

    It's almost like getting a full set.
    They glue on the tips of nails, like normal.. But instead of just putting acrylic over the whole nail, they go through and fill in each tip with a white substance (maybe white acrylic? but I dont know the terminology! :shame:smile: which really makes the tips stand out.
    And after that, they fill in the rest of the nail with the acrylic and also go over the whole nail to smooth everything out.

    This is also known as "Pink and White" I do believe...

    I get tons of compliments on them! And they last longer because its like having another layer of acrylic... it also takes longer to do because of the attention to each tip. You have to have a really good nail person, or your tips will look messed up.

    Ah, I'm sorry if thats really confusing! I should really know the terms since I do it all the time! :shame:
  7. No that makes perfect sense. So are they removing the white acrylic tip every time you go for a fill?
  8. Yep, Vickitoria's on the button! The process is the same for Gels. They actually embed the white tips into the filled nail. You can't remove the tip, it just grows out with the nail. When they refill the nail they grind off the white tip (your natural nail is still intact underneath), re-do it and then fill in the entire nail with new acrylic or gel. You can even paint the nail over and when you take it off, you still have a french manicure. It's fantastic.
  9. I've had them on and off and on and off. I would defintely think about putting them back on, it seems to take me about 3 months to grown them out completely, then I turn around and get them back on because they would look awful. I've been off them now, and I will say I am not going back to them. I think they damage your real nails in the long run.
  10. I have had pink and white tips in the past, and personally, I like the look of short, well manicured nails with a clear or light pink polish:smile:

    I get a manicure every week, though, to ensure no raggedy ends, etc.
  11. Cal...if you ever want colored...the polish doesn't chip on top of the gel at is amazing....I don't know why..

    I love, love mine too!

    :shame: I even like going to the salon, it gets me out of 'mom mode' for awhile.
  12. I'm thinking of getting just a gel overlay over my natural nails for the sole purpose of having my polish stay on. I like to keep my nails on the shorter side so tips aren't my thing but I love polish. With 2 small kids & all that goes with it, it's SO frustruating to paint my nails only to have a chip before I go to bed that night.

  13. Exactly!
    But now I'm not sure if I get acyrillic or gel... maybe I should figure that one out! :P

    Either way, they're fabulous and I love them! :love:
  14. i LOVE my pink and whites! they look so natural. my nail tech. applies this pink cream when she is done and then buffs them and the shine lasts the full 2 weeks. my white tip gets drilled down and re-filled every other appt.
  15. I love the pink and whites too, I am addicted to them. I also get the white filled once a month, once every 6 weeks is too long for me.