artificial nails, good or bad?

  1. how much harm, if any, am i doing by getting artificial nails?
  2. In my opinion, artificial nails are really bad for your natural nails and they're also uncomfortable. They damage your cuticles and could cause fungus on your natural nail because they don't allow it to breathe properly. Trust me, I've done it. Stop using artificial nails now!
  3. I did it once and it made my natural nails so dry and brittle..nooo good
  4. I had artificial nails for about 3 years, every 2 weeks...regular basis. I decided to take them off about 4 months ago. My nails were sooo strong before I started getting artificial nails, when I took them off...UGH they were so brittle and yucky. They are just now starting to get strong again(now that they have grown out). So, my opinion is to just get a manicure!
  5. I second all of the prev posters's opinions. My cousin used to get artificial nails all the time, and now that she's stopped, her real nails are as thin and brittle as they come. And they started growing strangely too. The tip curves upwards!

    My advice is to let them grow (Sally Hansen's Miracle Grow nail varnish ROCKS!) and get a regular manicure. It's cheaper and IMO, looks much better.
  6. Don't do it!

    It destroys your natural nails for a very long time. I've found it takes growing the entire nail out at least twice before they're almost back at the previous strength.

    Natural nails need to breathe to be strong, and the artificial nails stop all air to them.
  7. ive had acrylic on my nails for 2 years..never w/o them until today. i soaked them off!!! just got tire of them i guess :smile: since they are thin i had to cute them short other wise they would bend w/everything i touch. so far so good just gota wait til they grow back strong again.
  8. artificial nails... please do NOT do them!!! all they basically do is suffocate your nails, preventing them from getting any air and in a few months time... if you continuously refill them and such, you will get fungus and like the previous PFers stated, your nails get extremely brittle.

    I have seen extremelydisgusting photographs of the outcomes from artificial nails !! eeeeeek!
  9. I have some on now because my natural nails are all broken and short, but i just have the cheap ones you can buy in the store because i only wear them a day or 2 to go out and even that short period of time they damage them
  10. I had them done a couple times for special occasions. I must've had them for about 3 months straight from prom, grad, and weddings. I finally took them off and they have left dents in my nails. Well not very noticable dents but it's not as smooth as they were before the artificial nails. I agree with letting them grow out and just getting a manicure instead. It does look better.
  11. Bad! Not just because of what they do your nails, they are so 90's!
  12. I used to get gel over my nails in college and then took it all off after a while and wore them natural for years. After the intial taking it off they just took some time to strengthen again.

    Now I have acryllic and gel over my nails again. It is the only way I can keep nice nails. Otherwise they break. I don't get them done with drills though. I go to a salon that hand files them and it's not as hard on your fingers and nails. There is real nail underneath though. So I guess they are technically real nails but with junk on top.
  13. I think they look pretty at first, but then not so much as they grow out.

    I really like the look of shorter, manicured fingers...kinda like the hands in the T&Co adds, if that gives you a visual.

    Plus, it freaks me out how many germs hide under longer nails...I am such a germaphobe! LOL
  14. I'm going to be the lone gunman here. I have them and love them. My natural nails grow to be quite wonderful and beautiful looking, but I HATE that nail polish lasts less than a day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I really HATE when all of my nails are super long and great looking and then I break one and it looks odd.

    The set I have on I got back on MLK day and have changed them once since then. Both my mom and I have had them for years and no ill effects. I get mine taken off more than she does, but still we've had no problems.

    Sure when you take them off, yes, your nail will be thin and weak, that's natural. But they do grow back to normal in a month or two.

    Also if you go to a good shop that knows what they're doing and takes proper care of their equipment and you don't go sticking your hands in a dish of bateria for weeks at a time, you won't have any problems with them. If you're going to a decent shop and you're a clean person, fungus won't grow under them.

    Yes fugus has been reported under some indvidual's artificial nails, which I wouldn't wish on anyone because I'm sure it was a mess to get rid of, but I would first question the individual as to what they did for a living and how they took care of their nails before I go and say the whole idea of artificial is a bad idea. JMHO
  15. I love my acrylic nails!!!!!!!

    But, I am born with brittle and soft nails so this is the best option for me. Yes, there is a risk involed for fungi but like someone said...its how you take care of them. But its like any other hari color etc. All has its down sides...

    I love how my nails look and how wearing my rings with my nails done just gives me a boost!!!! I love that pulled together look...its addicting!!!!!!!!!!!

    I know its odd but I also think that it has a use for self defense too...cause unlike your natural nails...these can hurt ppl if you choose too. One time, I scratched my husband really hard and he has a scar didnt talk to me for a while after though....