Article: Out of the Box from Departures May/June 2002

  1. I want another Hermes bag NOW!!!! Btw, how much are Alligator Kellys now? It would have to be at least 13K now, right?
  2. That's a very well written article. Still reading it though :P
  3. again wonderful article but i had to laugh out loud at one point about the dumped lady. sounds oh so familiar :lol: :lol: :roflmfao:
  4. Kou, I believe alligator Kellys are around $15-16K. Don't quote me, though. It's the ostrich Kellys that are around $13K these days.

    Lilach, when I reread the article, I thought about you when I read that particular excerpt! LOL
  5. I thought of you when I read that part. But hey, you're in a much better place now! You're getting an even more fabulous collection of Hermes and I'm sure that jerk of an ex is probably miserable right now.
  6. Thanks again OT , this one's lovely too...:smile:
  7. What a wonderful article.Thank you for posting the link.
  8. Interesting article. Thanks for posting.
  9. great... just what i need. another amazing article to fan my obsession. j.k.
  10. thanx darlin'!
  11. This is my all-time favourite article on Hermes! :yes:

    Thanks OT! :flowers:
  12. Great article! Thanks for sharing. :biggrin:
  13. Long history.
  14. I love the article more than the other one......reminds me how really special each bag is. It takes a certain type of persone to want one and wear one. (I am not talking about the very rich)
    My daughter doesn't understand...but I have told her..whatever she does...don't sell the purses, scarves, twillies and small leather goods....sometime she will feel "blessed" she has them.
    Makes me want to stop spending money on the "it " bags and save for the real more Spy, Vuitton blue jean fabric, B bag, etc...etc...yup, I have them all and tons more.....and guess what...after two months...they go to the back of the closet.....but not the Hermes....
    thank you again for posting the article.