Article on The House of Gucci with Jackie O's pic

  1. Hi gals! found this article in cnn about gucci and just wanted to share hehe. :idea: Funny too because i've been searching for the source of the jackie o. picture where she was carrying a gucci bag named after her. (Other members were saying that she was carrying an hermes there but i was pretty sure it was gucci so i just had to find what publication came out with it since it's black and white :yes: ) so here it is!
  2. Love the Jackie 0 gucci, have it in leather, ggfabric and just recently bought it in zebra pony hair....thanks for the article.
  3. Great article! Nice to confirm that it was a Gucci bag.
  4. Can someone post a current pic of a Jackie O bag? I've searched online but can't find it.
  5. its called 'bouvier' nowadays
  6. bouvier_6.jpg

    red gucci bag.jpg
  7. interesting, thanks for sharing! i like the style a lot.

    gucci was near ruin? i didn't know that... :wtf:
  8. Thanks! Nice looking bag!
  9. yup, the gucci story is like an italian drama that's for sure... :smile:

    pseub, no problem! there's more pics on another thread below entitled "any thoughts on the bouvier"

    bouvier is the maiden name of jackie :smile:
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