Article on Puppy Mills and the "Pets of Bel Air"

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  1. My apologies if this has been posted somewhere already but it just came talks about the "Pets of Bel Air" pet store where Paris and Britney and the other Hollywood folks buy their "designer dogs" for thousands and it was discovered the store works with a puppy mill for all of their dogs they sell :throwup:

    I know we all know about the horrors of puppy mills, but damn, it is such a shame that the mills even market to these idiot celebrities that buy into the aggravating.:cursing:
  2. thank you so much for posting this! I read it previously on the Spoiled Maltese Forum, which I am also part of. I believe the Humane Society of the US (HSUS.ORG) posted an VIDEO of their undercover operation at Pets of Bel Air. People can go directly to the Humane Society website or here to see the video:

    it just blew my mind bc those shop workers were just blatantly lying! totally unethical!!

    I dont mean to sound "preachy" and forgive me if I do but in case anyone is looking for a puppy, please consider adoption first! if that is not an option, please do find a REPUTABLE breeder on AKC.ORG. Do not go to "back yard breeders." Lastly, STEER AWAY from ANY place/website that uses the term "TEA CUP" or "POCKET BOOK SIZE" puppies... those are indications of unethical breeding methods where they breed for small size and not health! just be careful please!

    god bless
  3. Thanks for posting this! Puppy mills make me sick :sick: Watching those people lie about sick puppies that just have 'the sniffles' makes me sick.

    Miss Alice: I couldn't agree with you more! I HATE it when people look at my poodle and ask if it's TEACUP. My response is always "I got him from a reputable breeder and he is a TOY POODLE. There are NO SUCH THINGS AS TEACUPS! Just weak, malnourished puppies.

    I hope that all the kennels that were mentioned in the video are severely punished for running these kennels which are really hell on earth!
  4. FYI,the AKC supplies registration papers for dogs and puppies that live and are born in Puppy Mills,they should be just as ashamed as Puppy Mill and Pet Shop owners.
    The pet shop owners buy these dogs for as little as $200.00 a piece and sell them for 3 to 10 times their original cost.
    Puppy Mills,Pet Shops and Kennel Club Registries all make a profit off of these poor mistreated animals.
  5. I read the article...breaks my heart...the humane society workers have a stronger heart than I do ..I could never go in there without crying wow.
  6. I agree - the AKC is adamantly against puppy-mills and backyard breeders, but they have NO standard for allowing only reputable, show breeders from obtaining registries. I don't understand it.
  7. AKC registration PAPERS do NOT tell anyone ANYTHING (health, quality, whether the breeders are reputable) other than that the puppy itself, is a PUREBRED, whose parents were also registered. Therefore, having "AKC" papers does NOT mean you have a dog from a reputable breeder. That is how puppy mills get their hands on to these "papers" - they breed purebreds. literally, anyone who buys a purbred dog (who is registered) can mate that dog w/ another AKC registered purebred, and their puppies will be able to get AKC papers too. But you would never know if these dogs are sick, has is dying, or was mistreated, or tortured! So long as one puppy mill gets their hands on 2 AKC registered dogs, they can start to breed- but they breed for smaller size bc its a "fad" and treat their dogs like machines, and can not care less if the puppies die b/c these mills are using RUNTS to breed. it is just a horrible cycle.

    When I recommended to look @ AKC for breeder's, that is because if you actually click on the AKC registered breeder's LINKS, you will see, there are VERY FEW AKC RECOMMENDATED breeders in each breed! the REASON for that is bc these breeders have established their reputation for ETHICAL and LOVING breeding methods, BOTH in dog shows AND in sales for pets.

    In essence, I guess what I am saying is, AKC PAPERS are just documents to show your dog is a purebred. thats it. it is up to us (buyers) to do our RESEARCH about the particular breeder. Ask questions, like : where are the puppies' parents? can i see them? pictures? if the breeder claims the puppy is from a show dog, ask for a pedigree. EVERY show dog winner has one. it is very easy, if they give u excuses, RUN! ask them HOW OFTEN they breed a year. also GOOGLE their kennel's name! it sounds "funny" but often, you will find TONS of info!!
  8. Kristie -- there was a thread about Paris Hilton in the celeb thread and I posted a similar link to this. Thanks for posting it here! :smile:

    Puppy mills make me is time people who buy from pet stores get a reality check about the disgusting conditions that they promote every time they buy a dog from there.
  9. Also, reputable breeders will sell most their puppies with a spay/nueter contract so that the un-ethical puppy millers can't get a puppy and breed them with akc regristration.
  10. Oh no I totally understand the difference between a reputable and a backyard breeder, I just don't understand why the AKC doesn't have stricter standards for registering purebreds. They are adamantly against buyers purchasing dogs from pet stores, yet they will provide puppy mills with registration papers.
  11. ^^^^I don't know about where you live, but around here the pet stores don't have AKC registered dogs. They are ussually NKC or other, the "mini bulldogs" actually have their own registry now. The AKC does do their best to prevent backyard breeders, but people can and do falsify forms.
  12. Actually the AKC makes a lot of money registering dogs from puppy mills - I read a statistic once that stated about 80% of the puppies they register come from puppy mills. Also, I was disgusted to read an article that had this bit of information:

    "Legislation proposed in October 2001 called the Puppy Protection Act (PPA), was created out of a need to protect purebred animals from exploitation. Added as an amendment to the farm bill, the PPA was vigorously opposed and eventually met an untimely death following a House-Senate Farm Bill Conference. Had this bill passed, there would have been limits to the number of litters a breeding female can have, it would have created a "three strikes and you’re out" policy that would allow the USDA to revoke the license of chronic violators, and the bill would have required that all dogs be socialized with other dogs and people. Sadly, the group barking the loudest against this bill is the AKC. The AKC argued that, among other things, allowing the federal government to set limits on the number of litters a dog can have would set a "dangerous precedent" if it became law."

    Plus, the AKC even sends representative to "puppy auctions" where puppy mills auction off dogs:

    "I've gone to Missouri dog auctions and who is one of the biggest puppy mill enablers? The AKC (American Kennel Club), of course. Representatives are on the premises. I've seen purebred dogs auctioned off with injuries and grotesque tumors. I purchased an auction dog (yes, I agree this is counter-productive but I didn't want a very rough looking individual to get this little dog) for $15. He only had one descended testicle and that should have prohibited him from being registered with the AKC since this is a genetic condition. I was assured by the auctioneer and the breeder that the AKC would register him for me on site with no problem."

    "The auctioneers introduced the AKC inspector as a good guy who was on the side of the commercial kennels. The auctioneer further commented that the AKC inspector knew how to make money for the AKC and that the prior AKC inspector, the "lady inspector", had been replaced because she was too tough on inspections."
  13. I was in Petsmart the other day and was horrified to see a magazine entitled "Designer Dogs". They should add aka puppymill pups to the title.

  14. I agree with 4theluvof-it, i dont know where you live but in the NY-NJ area, i dont know pet shops (aka-puppy mills) who has AKC dogs...most tell you they are registered w/ other CKC.

    I think it is too broad to say that " AKC will provide puppy mills with registration papers." I dont think AKC gives papers to puppy mills while knowing it is a puppy mill. AKC just register purebreds. the onus is on us, the people, the public, to make sure that puppy mills go OUT OF BUSINESS. they are the root of the evil here. If we urge people to stop buying dogs from pet stores, and BYBs, we will eventually rid of the puppy mills. JMHO.

    I dont think it is possible (although it would be awfully nice) that every time AKC registers a purebred dog in America, AKC can physically send an AKC employee to that place (where ever it may be) and conduct DNA testing on ALL the puppy's ancestors to make sure the puppy itself is 100% purebred? While it may be a nice thought to be THAT thorough.I am afraid that also means AKC registration fee would sky rocket through the roof and frankly, I dont even see the US Government being so diligent about much more important issues like border I think we are a bit out of our league realistically, to expect an organization like AKC to conduct personal research to every time a single person who wants to register his/her dogs. I know I am exaggerating the methods here but I guess I am just trying to say that AKC is just one is not a governmental agency nor does it possess any legal powers to regulate anyone. Yes, they charge you money to register, but thats IF you want their papers. You can have a healthy, purebred puppy form a breeder and NEVER get any AKC papers. thats fine too! AKC does not force anyone to get their papers..besides, unless you want to show or breed, i dont see why getting AKC papers itself is so important. The most important should be buying a healthy puppy from a reputable breeder who knows her lines. That way, you can enjoy your puppy for the rest of her life! (although many good breeders DO conduct DNA testing before breeding..I know my maltese' breeder did and I have seen her reports too...but it is expensive!)

    Also, I dont know what you mean when you wanted AKC to have stricter standards to register purebred? Breeding dogs is not cloning. No 2 dogs will be exactly alike. AKC gives you DESCRIPTIONS of each breed, and its standards..but its always a scale. like for Maltese' weight, its 4-7 pounds..But if a dog is 8 pounds, will it get AKC papers? probably..I mean, doggies are individuals too..I dont understand what you mean by wanting stricter standards?

    I just think that while asking AKC to do "more" is fine, but we are missing the point. The point is, puppy mills and BYBs exist b/c they make money..lots of money!! if people STOP trying to copy Paris Hilton, or Britney Spears..or whoever walks around w/ tiny dogs they buy from "texas teacups" or other pet stores, and instead, ADOPT, or buy from good breeders, mills will go out of business!!!
  15. AKC does limited registrations on their dogs as well....wich means you can register them AKC, but can't get any litters from said dog registered AKC. ANY dog can be registered, it is up to the breeder to decide what type of registration it should have.

    Goes back to my statement above, where people can falsify papers and lie......I personally would have remembered the "good guy" inspectors name and reported him to the AKC.