article on heavy bags...need advice asap! THANKS!

  1. hi all!
    i really need some help here! this month's oprah magazine had a doctor give her opinions on "weighty" bags....she was given over 700 bags to test (didn't know the names or have any info on the bags) for their weight...apparently, if a bag weighs 5 or more lbs. before putting your stuff in it, it can really cause damage to shoulder, back, neck...and if the bag is too deep w/o a lot of compartments, you apparently have to twist and turn to find your stuff, that's not great either...also, if you have a large chest (i passed DDD a LONG time ago!)...then you're already overcompensating with your posture....SO, she recommends lightweight bags...i saw one by elie tahari, a satchel, at bloomingdale's in black leather which weighs 2.4 pounds (can't find a picture of it though)...another brand recommended is furla because of it being lighter in weight...SO, i'm looking for a bag, around 650 dollars that is lightweight, fun and stylish and that will hold less stuff than i'm used to...
    sorry for the long post!!!
    any suggestions?!?!!
  2. Are you looking for a work bag or something more casual? I have an Anna Corinna Mini City Tote and it's one of my favorites because it's so lightweight. It can also be carried by hand or on the shoulder.

    I'm not familiar with the brands you mentioned, but think it would be a good idea to go try a bunch and see what suits your needs. If you don't mind non-leather bags, maybe a Longchamp nylon tote would work. Good luck with your search!
  3. Try Tano. They are made from very lightweight Italian leather, and you could get 3 for $650! They average around 2 lbs each, unless there is tons of hardware or its a huge style!
  4. Valentino and Ferragamo (on sale) are timeless, classy and very light.
  5. I weighed several bags before my summer vacation to see which was the lightest. LV speedy 25 was 8 ounces and won the trip! Check it out, speedy 25, 30, 35 and Neverfull PM, MM, GM are all in your price range.
  6. I like all the suggestions above. If you like logos, then go for LV. But for me, I think Furla is a fabulous way to go. It's chic, Italian, beautifully made and classy.
  7. I agree my LV's are lightest and Furla has nice bags too. I personally would go for an LV though. I am sad (but happy) that I am an MJ junkie. The bags are heavy, but I love and adore them.
  8. The Coach "Ergo" line is supposed to be lightweight.
  9. There's another article about this in a different mag this month. I think it's in Marie Claire. That one said that a bag+contents should be no more than 10% of your body weight...
  10. That is heavy! I would want to use a backpack or cross body bag if I needed to carry more than my usual six pounds or so.
  11. I vote Furla, also...and note that many Furlas have the most AMAZING, padded shoulder straps that make your bag feel utterly weightless on your matter how much you've packed your bag. I always joke that I could carry an anvil around in my bag and I wouldn't even know it!!!
  12. Lv speedys weigh less than a pound and they are awesome.
  13. Gustto = Extremely light & stylish...
  14. I agree...I never have any issues with my LV speedy. I have a lot of upper back problems, so I can't do shoulder bags.